Cover of publication Climate Change 39/2020 Design Options for the New International Market Mechanism under Article 6.4 of the Paris Agreement
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Design Options for the New International Market Mechanism under Article 6.4 of the Paris Agreement

In this project commissioned by the German Environment Agency, important aspects of the mechanism under Article 6.4 of the Paris Agreement were examined in more detail. This mechanism is to succeed the CDM under the Kyoto Protocol from 2021 onwards, but it will contain decisive improvements, especially with regard to a robust accounting of emission reductions and better integration into the national climate policy of the host country. The report is addressed to the international experts, in particular to the delegates to the climate conference and observers, and is therefore written in English.
A German summary is included. The following topics are covered:
  • How does the mechanism achieve an overall reduction of global emissions?
  • Are there opportunities to use benchmarks to establish baselines?
  • Can contributions to increasing ambition be made by using Art. 6.4?
  • What contribution can the voluntary market make to increasing ambition in the future?
  • Introduction of incentives for the participation of private companies under Art. 6.4 of the PA.
  • The role of the Art. 6.4 mechanism on the way to a net zero emission world.
The project provides a contribution to the general discussion in the EU as well as to the Article 6 - Negotiations under the UNFCCC. It is a contribution that presents backgrounds and interrelationships for individual questions concerning the design of the new market mechanisms under Article 6 and can thus contribute to a more informed decision-making process.Since there are, however, several different ways of designing a mechanism that can avoid double counting and provide incentives for increasing ambition, this project is only one of several current contributions to the international discussion.
Climate Change | 39/2020
Wolfgang Obergassel, Nicolas Kreibich, Hanna Wang-Helmreich, Jürg Füssler, Anik Kohli, Quirin Oberpriller, Felix Weber, Alexander Wunderlich, Jakob Wachsmuth, Alexandra Denishchenkova, Vicki Duscha, Sascha Lehmann, Marlene Arens
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