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Six issues per year with information in compact form – "UBA aktuell" Newsletter
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The "UBA aktuell" Newsletter reports on the German Environment Agency's latest activities and work results. It includes the results of research and funded projects, conference news, and information about new publications and upcoming events. The newsletter is published six times a year in German and English.

Current issue:

UBA aktuell 2/2024, published on 3 April 2024

Focus topic: 50 years of the German Environment Agency: Join us on a journey through time!

Further topics, among others:

  • Climate emissions fall by 10.1 per cent in 2023 – biggest decline since 1990
  • Assessment value set for plasticisers in urine
  • Shaping digitalisation in transport sustainably
  • Carbon border adjustment mechanism CBAM ensures fair competitive conditions for climate-friendly feedstock production in the EU
  • Components for the Transformation into a Sustainable Food System
  • Greenhouse gas-neutral administrations: Guidelines and programs

See below to read the current and past issues of the newsletter.

"UBA aktuell" Newsletter

Past issues

  • 2/2024

    Focus topic: 50 years of the German Environment Agency: Join us on a journey through time!

    Further topics, among others:
    - Climate emissions fall by 10.1 per cent in 2023 – biggest decline since 1990
    - Assessment value set for plasticisers in urine
    - Shaping digitalisation in transport sustainably
    - Carbon border adjustment mechanism CBAM ensures fair competitive conditions
    - Components for the Transformation into a Sustainable Food System

    UBA aktuell 2/2024

  • 1/2024

    Focus topic: 50 years of noise protection: Successes and challenges

    Further topics, among others:
    - Climate protection is also possible without nuclear energy
    - Assessment of construction products emissions EU-wide possible
    - Climate benefit for electric cars confirmed
    - How to improve the International Standard on carbon neutrality
    - Mobile Work in the future: Climate Protection Opportunities and Risks
    - Consumer protection: More transparency in PayPal's terms and conditions

    UBA aktuell 1/2024

  • 6/2023

    Focus topic: The consequences of the climate crisis in Germany are becoming more severe

    Further topics, among others:
    - What is the role of nuclear energy in achieving climate targets in global scenarios?
    - Antibiotic resistance: Study shows high pressure to take action
    - Misleading calculation: EU plans for pesticide reduction at risk
    - NonHazCity 3 Interreg Project: Reducing hazardous substances in the construction sector

    UBA aktuell 6/2023

  • 5/2023

    Focus topic: CO₂ storage must not hinder the phase-out of fossil fuels

    Further topics, among others:
    - Additional measures needed to achieve climate targets
    - New Global Framework on Chemicals adopted
    - Climate protection through Circular Economy in Germany and the EU
    - Water resources must be better protected
    - Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Laboratory launched at the German Environment Agency

    UBA aktuell 5/2023

  • 4/2023

    Focus topic: What needs to be done to prevent a repetition of fish die-off in the Oder and other bodies of water

    Further topics, among others:
    - UBA study: This is how Germany can achieve its 2030 climate targets
    - Sustainable lifestyles: From the niche to the city centres
    - Better recycling of boats
    - Environmental awareness study

    UBA aktuell 4/2023

  • 3/2023

    Focus topic: Energy transition in heating: Expansion of wood use counterproductive for climate and health

    Further topics, among others:
    - Traffic noise can increase risk of depression and anxiety disorders
    - Plastic manufacturers to pay into Single-Use Plastic Fund in future
    - UBA publishes fact sheets on Proposal of EU Packaging Regulation
    - International workshop on corruption prevention: video statement

    UBA aktuell 3/2023

  • 2/2023

    Focus topic: How e-commerce can become more climate-friendly

    Further topics, among others:
    - UBA forecast: 2022 greenhouse gas emissions in Germany down by 1.9 percent
    - Advanced materials: steadily sustainable and safe
    - Hazard radar for iron, copper and bauxite supply chains
    - Germany complied with air quality limit values nearly everywhere in 2022
    - Tackling the housing shortage with ecological answers

    UBA aktuell 2/2023

  • 1/2023

    Focus topic: Combating the flood of waste: new right to “reusable packaging to go” and planned levy on single-use plastic

    Further topics, among others:
    - Emissions trading rings up record revenues: More than 13 billion euros for climate protection
    - Possible ban on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in the EU
    - German Ecodesign Award: Winners 2022 & Re-launch of the competition for 2023
    - Consequences of the Ukraine crisis on sustainability policy
    - Consumer protection: German Environment Agency participates in European screening for manipulative online shop practices

    UBA aktuell 1/2023

  • 6/2022

    Focus topic: German material consumption 30 percent above global average

    Further topics, among others:
    - Impact of coronavirus pandemic on public transport
    - Companies soon to assume costs for disposal of single-use plastic products
    - Ecosystems more sensitive to nitrogen pollution than previously assumed - Study
    - Only ten percent of Germany’s water ecologically intact, despite progress made

    UBA aktuell 6/2022

  • 5/2022

    Focus topic: More Environmental and Climate Protection in Supermarkets: Trade and Policy in Demand

    Further topics, among others:
    - Rotor blade recycling from A to Z
    - Oder fish die-off: Salt discharges caused mass proliferation of toxic alga
    - International Conference: Microplastics in Soils
    - 3rd Sustainability Transformation Conference

    UBA aktuell 5/2022

  • 4/2022

    Focus topic: Heat, drought, and heavy rainfall: what Germany can do about it

    Further topics, among others:
    - Germany’s 2021 emissions from power stations almost back to pre-pandemic levels
    - OECD-Guideline: Determination of particle size of nanomaterials
    - Power-to-Liquids: A scalable and sustainable fuel supply perspective for aviation
    - EU regulation won’t cut pesticide use without incentives for farmers
    - International TES Academy kicks off at UBA

    UBA aktuell 4/2022

  • 3/2022

    Focus topic: Shaping value added tax ecologically and socially

    Further topics, among others:
    - Climate-friendly cooling and air conditioning with natural refrigerants
    - Global, multi-stakeholder digital coalition presents plan for a green digital revolution
    - Parts of the European population have alarmingly high levels of pollutant exposure
    - "PARC": EU research partnership on chemical risk assessment launches

    UBA aktuell 3/2022

  • 2/2022

    Focus topic: Rapidly increase renewable energies – for the climate and energy independence

    Further topics, among others:
    - Environmental awareness: Great momentum for socio-ecological transformation
    - Germany complies with air quality limit values nearly everywhere in 2021
    - Corporate Sustainability Reporting faces major changes
    - Global CODES Network develops joint Action Plan to co-create a sustainable digital transformation globally
    - Pesticide authorisations undermine environmental protection
    - Support for academics from Ukraine

    UBA aktuell 2/2022

  • 1/2022

    Focus topic: Fruit & vegetables: Food retail specifications put an unnecessary burden on the environment and the climate

    Further topics, among others:
    - UBA: fossil gas and nuclear power are not sustainable
    - Avoiding pollutants in construction materials
    - Study on nature-based solutions for global climate protection
    - Significant lower share of renewable electricity in Germany in 2021

    UBA aktuell 1/2022

  • 6/2021

    Focus topic: Transforming environmentally harmful subsidies into socio-ecological investments

    Further topics, among others:
    - Chemicals: better protection of environment and health
    - Environmental impact of milk production: pasture grazing beats indoor housing model
    - Carbon capture and utilization necessary for raw material supply
    - Creating sustainable links between cities and urban hinterland
    - Guide for greenhouse gas-neutral administrations published

    UBA aktuell 6/2021

  • 5/2021

    Focus topic: Get started now for a climate-neutral Germany!

    Further topics, among others:
    - Statement: WHO Air Quality Guidelines 2021
    - National emissions trading: Sell-off to start in October 2021
    - German Environment Agency proposes expanded cross-regulatory approach for European Commission’s “Zero Pollution Action Plan”
    - Bundespreis UMWELT & BAUEN 2021 – Progressive building and refurbishment for more climate protection and social cohesion

    UBA aktuell 5/2021

  • 4/2021

    Focus topic: Anchor climate adaptation into law now: Proposals for effective precaution against climate risks

    Further topics, among others:
    - European emissions trading: emissions from Germany’s installations down by 33% since start of 3rd trading period in 2013
    - Climate commitments need to be more ambitious and tangible
    - For digital environmental sustainability worldwide
    - Co-learning: how-tos of greater urban environmental protection
    - Restriction proposal on PFASs: new survey

    UBA aktuell 4/2021

  • 3/2021

    Focus topic: Vast majority in Germany in favour of socioecological transition

    Further topics, among others:
    - Plastics in the environment: Transport, building sectors and agriculture are major sources
    - Strengthening environmental and climate protection in corporate reporting obligations
    - Fluorinated refrigerants in the EU: additional CO₂ savings potential of 100 million tonnes
    - Making the EU Emissions Trading System fit for the future

    UBA aktuell 3/2021

  • 2/2021

    Focus topic: State of the Environment 2020: UBA draws mixed results

    Further topics, among others:
    - Germany's greenhouse gas emissions down 8.7 percent in 2020
    - Air quality 2020: Only a few cities still exceed nitrogen dioxide limit
    - German Environment Agency co-champions global initiative for digital environmental sustainability

    UBA aktuell 2/2021

  • 1/2021

    Focus topic: Buying from shops or online: what’s better for the climate?

    Further topics, among others:
    - Resolute environmental protection will save society many billions of euros
    - CO2 pricing for emissions in heating and transport sectors
    - Many companies underestimate the risks of climate change
    - The transnational impacts of global climate change

    UBA aktuell 1/2021

  • 6/2020

    Focus topic: Corona protection in schools: shock ventilation is best for healthy air

    Other topics:
    - Using coronavirus stimulus packages to enhance climate action
    - Increasing the recycling of precious and minor metals
    - 750 experts discuss new PFAS research and strategies
    - Further increase in packaging consumption in 2018 in Germany
    - EU climate targets: 60 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 is possible

    UBA aktuell 6/2020

  • 5/2020

    Focus topic: 30 years of unified Germany: a plus for the environment too

    Other topics:
    - Current transport policy puts people with low income at a disadvantage
    - Video streaming: data transmission technology crucial for climate footprint
    - Infectious aerosols in indoor spaces
    - Renewable energy in Germany continues growth trend
    - Proper airing reduces risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection
    - European Resources Forum in virtual conference format
    - Integrating environmental protection in legislation on global supply chains

    UBA aktuell 5/2020

  • 4/2020

    Focus topic: Plant-based meat substitutes are good for the climate, the environment and your health

    Other topics:
    - PFAS excessively high in blood of children and adolescents in Germany
    - From Science to Policy: UBA Exhibition in the European Parliament
    - Electrical and electronic waste: Germany misses EU collection rate of 45 percent by a narrow margin
    - Global Initiative on “A Digital Planet for Sustainability”
    “- My Indicator Report“ with current data on the environment
    - An estimated 310,000 vehicles with unknown whereabouts

    UBA aktuell 4/2020

  • 3/2020

    Focus topic: Advice and infomation about the coronavirus

    Other topics:
    - Asbestos in buildings still a problem
    - Employment numbers in environmental protection sector rising steadily
    - CO2 emissions per kilowatt hour of electricity in further decline in 2019
    - Member States launch call for evidence on broad PFAS restriction
    - "What Matters" magazine: 2-2019: Aviation

    UBA aktuell 3/2020

  • 2/2020

    Focus topic: Greenhouse gas balance 2019: a clear fall in emissions is recorded in Germany – but not from transport or buildings

    Other topics:
    - Risks and opportunities in responding to the coronavirus crisis
    - Renewables cover 17.1 percent of gross final electricity consumption in Germany in 2019
    - Slight decline in Germany's air pollutant emissions
    - German environmental industry remains strong

    UBA aktuell 2/2020

  • 1/2020

    Focus topic: Bisphenol A-free products are not necessarily good for man and the environment

    Other topics:
    - Professor Dirk Messner is new President of the German Environment Agency
    - Air quality 2019: Trend in NO2 decline continues
    - 2019 record: Electricity production from renewable sources is now greater than coal

    UBA aktuell 1/2020

  • 6/2019

    Focus topic: Climate change in Germany: New monitoring report illustrates far-reaching impact

    Other topics:
    - Greenhouse gas-neutral and resource-efficient by 2050
    - Insufficient recycling capacities for dismantling wind-powered installations
    - UBA presents concept for environmentally acceptable aviation
    - What does a greenhouse gas neutral Europe look like?

    UBA aktuell 6/2019

  • 5/2019

    Focus topic: How good is our air? New information available from app and UBA website

    Other topics:
    - Protect oceans and polar regions, secure coastal areas for the long term
    - Real nitrogen oxide emissions of diesel passenger cars remain too high
    - 40 years of innovative ideas to promote environmental protection
    - Less use of pesticides in municipalities is possible
    - Exposure to chemicals in the human body can now be compared for all of Europe
    - Pesticide approval procedure greatly endangers protection of biodiversity

    UBA aktuell 5/2019

  • 4/2019

    Focus topic: CO2 pricing: time to get on board, and fast

    Other topics:
    - Healthy all summer long
    - Plastics in the environment
    - 2018 data on air quality: 57 cities exceed the NO2 limit value
    - UBA/BDL Workshop “Power-to-Liquid (PtL) in Air Transport”
    - More environmental protection in e-commerce
    - English-language Guide to the German Environmental Administration
    - Professor Dirk Messner appointed new President of the UBA

    UBA aktuell 4/2019

  • 3/2019

    Focus topic: Curbing the use of “coffee to go” cups

    Other topics:
    - The treasure in the organic waste bin
    - Environmental Awareness Study 2018
    - Energy efficiency of residential buildings on the rise, but at a slower rate

    UBA aktuell 3/2019

  • 2/2019

    Focus topic: 2018 review: more renewable energy, less greenhouse gas

    Other topics:
    - Stricter environmental standards for raw material supply necessary
    - CO2 removal should be limited to safe and sustainable measures
    - Higher quality plastics recycling is necessary
    - Emissions trading: German installations cut emissions by 3.5 %

    UBA aktuell 2/2019

  • 1/2019

    Focus topic: Nitrogen dioxide limit value exceeded in many cities again in 2018

    Other topics:
    - Aligning EU Climate Policy with the Paris Agreement
    - German North and Baltic Seas not in good condition
    - Electricity made regionally
    - Expert group: New housing creation campaign must become greener

    UBA aktuell 1/2019

  • 6/2018

    Focus topic: Failing to protect the environment comes at a cost

    Other topics:
    - EU member states need to step up the fight against antibiotics in the environment
    - Federal Government strengthens relations between urban and rural areas
    - Minister Schulze presents plan for glyphosate phase-out
    - EU publishes long-term climate strategy
    - Official travel by Federal Government and federal agencies is climate neutral

    UBA aktuell 6/2018

  • 5/2018

    Focus topic: Walking – the underestimated way of getting around

    Other topics:
    - UBA Key Priorities for the new EU Long-term Climate Strategy
    - Studies of mercury, acrylamide and pesticides exposure
    - Record half year for renewable energy in Germany
    - International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre celebrates first year anniversary
    - Plant protection product application by helicopter – only after close scrutiny, even on Natura 2000 sites
    - How environmentally friendly is UBA's mobility?

    UBA aktuell 5/2018

  • 4/2018

    Focus topic: Increasing quantities of waste packaging

    Other topics:
    - Boat hull paints – a problem for our waters
    - Online survey: Chemicals in consumer goods
    - Environmental- and health impact of 3D printing
    - Discussion in Brussels: materials in contact with drinking water

    UBA aktuell 4/2018

  • 3/2018

    Focus topic: Keeping our waters clean: recommendations for the prevention of micropollutants

    Other topics:
    - Drinking water in Germany again rated "very good"
    - Finalised data for NO2 pollution in Germany in 2017 now available
    - UBA to host National and European Resources Forum
    - UBA welcomes EU proposal on single use plastics

    UBA aktuell 3/2018

  • 2/2018

    Focus topic: Air Quality: Nitrogen dioxide presents a serious health threat

    Other topics:
    - Green house gas emissions 2017 on the decline, slightly
    - New EU Innovation Fund: how can it support climate protection?
    - Emissions trading: German installations cut emissions by 3.4 percent in 2017
    - EU Stakeholders discuss requirements for water reuse

    UBA aktuell 2/2018

  • 1/2018

    Focus topic: Antibiotics in the environment promote resistant bacteria

    Other topics:
    - European Strategy for Plastics: Good approach, but too unclear
    - Air quality 2017: Mitigation of nitrogen dioxide pollution still missing the mark
    - EU identifies Bisphenol A as a substance of very high concern
    - "Good design has nothing to hide": German Federal Ecodesign Award 2017

    UBA aktuell 1/2018

  • 6/2017

    Focus topic: UBA wants to decommission oldest lignite-fired power plants and cap the full load hours on others

    Other topics:
    - More flower strips and fallow land needed for protection of insects and birds
    - Market shares for green products growing
    - Data on the state of the environment in Germany: a mixed picture
    - Environmental industry still a key economic factor
    - First OECD Test Guideline on the investigation of nanomaterials

    UBA aktuell 6/2017

  • 5/2017

    Focus topic: Diesel cars: Software updates are not enough for clean air

    Other topics:
    - Managing glyphosate effects complies with European laws
    - Guidance for climate-friendly investment
    - Chemicals in articles: EU LIFE Projekt AskREACH started
    - Shipping companies must report greenhouse gas emissions

    UBA aktuell 5/2017

  • 4/2017

    Focus topic: The price of overfertilisation: Excessive application of slurry, manure etc. could make water more expensive

    Other topics:
    - Good indoor air quality is in jeopardy
    - Data on the Environment 2017: More climate protection action required
    - Public health in the course of climate change: Master plan for heat waves
    - UBA Position on EU minimum requirements for Water Reuse

    UBA aktuell 4/2017

  • 3/2017

    Focus topic: Even new diesels pollute the air considerably – and do not help with climate protection

    Other topics:
    - Scan4Chem app makes enquiries regarding product-chemicals easier
    - EU Plastics Strategy needs to consider environmental issues
    - Emissions trading: Emissions reductions in Germany only minimal
    - International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre (ISC3) launched

    UBA aktuell 3/2017

  • 2/2017

    Focus topic: Rising emissions in transport sector are compromising Germany’s climate goals

    Other topics:
    - "Wounds" have healed – Water quality of mine lakes has good status
    - Food waste in the catering sector
    - Future-fit city: Much more money needed for buses and trains
    - Extending the service life of electrical appliances

    UBA aktuell 2/2017

  • 1/2017

    Focus topic: Environmentally harmful subsidies harm the environment, taxpayers and society

    Other topics:
    - Agricultural policy faces a crucial decision
    - Air quality 2016: Nitrogen dioxide still the top pollutant
    - 30km/h speed limit on major roads is effective

    UBA aktuell 1/2017

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