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Newsletter "UBA aktuell" - No.: 5/2019

Dear Reader,Are you interested in finding out how good the quality of the air is where you live? Or perhaps you are looking for detailed data on air quality in Germany for scientific purposes? In this newsletter, we would like to introduce you to our significantly enhanced and improved information offering. No good news on clean air: diesel passenger cars continue to emit far too much nitrogen dio... read more

Expert information drinking water and swimming pool water - No.: 3/2019

Dear readers,The following updates have been issued on Distributing drinking water:The Evaluation criteria for enamels and ceramic materials in contact with drinking water (Only available in German at the moment.)was published.The following documents were updated:Information: Rationale for the test values of the evaluation criteria for enamels and ceramic materials in contact with drinking wa... read more

Real nitrogen oxide emissions of diesel passenger cars remain too high

Stau in der Stadt.

Diesel passenger cars with Euro 3 to 6a/b/c emission standards continue to have elevated levels of nitrogen oxide emissions in real-world driving conditions. Their emissions greatly exceed the limit values set in the laboratory measuring cycle. Diesel passenger cars with Euro 6d-TEMP, however, comply with the limits specified by the EU, also in real world conditions. read more

The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment