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Newsletter "UBA aktuell" - No.: 4/2019

Dear Reader,How can Germany reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and therefore make its contribution to limiting climate change? Should a price be put on CO2 emissions so as to encourage climate-friendly investments and behaviour, and how exactly? The UBA has taken a close look at the advantages and disadvantages of the various approaches currently under discussion – more about this in this newslet... read more

Expert information drinking water and swimming pool water - No.: 1/2019

Dear readers,Drinking water is among the foodstuffs which are controlled the best. When limits are exceeded, the problem is often caused by the plumbing inside the houses.The German Environment Agency and bdew have jointly produced an explanatory film called Trinkwasser-Installation - Auf die letzten Meter kommt es an.Other interesting films on disposal of pharmaceuticals and hardness can be found... read more

Digitalisation can make consumption more sustainable

A computer keybord with a green button with a shopping cart.

Personalised advertisement, instant delivery, virtual shopping assistants and contactless payment show that consumption and digitalisation have become closely linked. A new report from the German Environment Agency (UBA) says it is not yet known whether this link will lead to greater pollution. The current analysis is that digitalisation offers good opportunities to use resources more efficiently. read more

Newsletter "UBA aktuell" - No.: 3/2019

Dear Reader,There is almost no better example of today’s “throwaway society” than the “coffee to go” in a disposable cup. In Germany, the number of cups that are used before frequently being carelessly discarded doesn’t just seem huge, it is huge. Read this edition of our newsletter to discover both the facts as well as our proposals for possible steps to counter this trend.Potato peelings and cof... read more

The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment