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    Coordination Office of the Working Group on Renewable Energy-Statistics now located at the German Environment Agency

    Managing the Energiewende requires up-to-date and coordinated data on the development of renewable energy sources in Germany read more

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    Old diesel vehicles must be phased out of city centres

    UBA calculation shows: Cleaner air in city centre not notable before 2030 despite new emission standard read more

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    Federal Government offsets all of its greenhouse gas emissions from official travel

    Germany Environment Agency begins purchasing emission credits from CDM projects read more

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    Deep geothermal energy: environmental risks can be controlled

    Groundwater not at risk – seismic monitoring now standard read more

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    German diet is a strain on the climate

    Slight rise in CO2 emissions from private motor vehicles read more

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    Ten million hectares of arable land worldwide are 'lost' every year

    Less and less fertile and healthy soil read more

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    Blue Angel Prize 2015 distinguishes companies serving as role models of environmental and climate protection

    Press release by the German Environment Agency and the Jury Environmental Label / Blue Angel read more

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    New press officer on board at UBA Press Office

    Felix Poetschke, UBA's newest Press Office staff member read more

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    Effects of climate change felt much more strongly in future

    16 federal authorities and institutions present study on future impact of climate change in Germany read more

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    Federal Ecodesign Award for outstanding ecological and aesthetic products and services

    Hendricks and Krautzberger confer the awards read more

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    Recycling precious and special metals: a call for coordinated action

    Wanted: real progress in recycling efforts, boosting environmental protection and increasing security of supply – from all players read more

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    Transformation of the energy system: Industrial consumers can use electricity more flexibly

    Load reduction of up to 6 gigawatts possible – paper industry able to deliver over 40 percent read more

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    From fashion to mobility: 34 projects nominated for Federal Ecodesign Award

    Federal Environment Ministry and Federal Environment Agency honour ecodesign for the fourth time read more

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    Progress of environmental protection in agriculture too slow

    Extinction of species continues unabated – nitrogen inputs too high – fewer pesticides in groundwater read more

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    Car-sharing provider, computer centre, and Telekom nominated for Blue Angel Prize

    Wanted this year: Extraordinary commitment to protecting the environment and climate read more

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    Microplastics in oceans – how much? From where?

    UBA: Focus more attention on large-size plastic litter read more

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    Efficient space and water heaters

    New EU regulations for environmentally friendly heaters read more

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    State Secretary Flasbarth: Sustainable chemistry is more than just chemical safety

    read more

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    Young people declare war on marine litter

    Support from the Federal Environment Agency read more

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    Car sharing could reduce CO2 emissions by six million tonnes

    New study suggests improvement in dovetailing car sharing with public transport read more

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    More legal rulings on shipments of illegal waste in 2013

    Significantly more court decisions taken on exports of waste to Africa and Eastern Europe read more

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    Environmental data shows that transport sector is not on course in environmental protection

    Only ten percent of rivers and streams have "good" ecological status, drinking water status is "high" virtually everywhere read more

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    Chemicals Regulation REACH: companies must make improvements

    BfR and UBA screen more than 1,800 registrations of chemicals of commercial importance read more

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    Chemical brownfields: forest soil is very slow to forget

    New map shows old pollutant loads read more

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    Climate change could cause more heat-related deaths in future

    Heat waves raise risk of death in heart patients by up to 15 percent read more

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    Allergy alert: Action day to fight ragweed

    Highly allergic plant spreading in Germany – Ragweed Day on 27 June features nationwide campaigns read more

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    Food waste causes four percent of Germany’s greenhouse gas emissions

    Krautzberger: There is hardly any sector where waste avoidance is so easy read more

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    Fighting dandelions with a brush and hot water

    Symposium proves that cities and municipalities can often do without pesticides read more

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    Online debate: How can we adopt a resource-conserving lifestyle?

    Have a say in the update to the German Resource Efficiency Programme read more

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    Contest for 'Blue Angel Prize 2015' has started

    Wanted: Particular commitment to the environment and climate read more

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    Effects of climate change clearly noticeable in Germany

    Federal government publishes the first monitoring report on climate impacts and adaptation read more

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    First Blue Angel for environmentally friendly washing-up liquid

    Strict criteria for resources used ensures compatibility with the environment and health read more

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    Too much noise: One in every eight children shows signs of impaired hearing

    International Noise Awareness Day 2015: Noise protection from the very start read more

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    Energy self-sufficient and ecological role model: UBA building extension in Dessau-Roßlau

    Building project to start in summer 2015, completion in 2017 read more

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    25 April is World Penguin Day

    Global warming has krill stocks running low – how are penguins reacting? read more

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    UBA's 2014 emissions data indicates trend reversal in climate protection

    Emissions at lowest point since 2010 read more

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    Umweltbewusstsein 2014 study: More and more people see protection of the environment as part of the solution, not the problem

    Great demand for green consumer goods, supply still too low read more

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    Can a fourth waste water treatment stage be financed by the waste water charge?

    Study answers 'yes', as a part of an overall strategy to reduce micropollutants in water read more

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    Salt-rich Wadden Sea: Water body type of the year 2015

    Ecological condition only "moderate" to "poor" read more

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    New "Blue Angel" for data centers

    Energy consumption must be further reduced – no halogens for air conditioning in future read more

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    Plant protection from the sky

    BfN and UBA inform about the risks of spraying pesticides over protected areas read more

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    Obsolescence fact check

    More new washing machines, clothes dryers and refrigerators breaking down within five years – consumers quicker to replace working flat screen TVs read more

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    UBA for more incentives for environmental management in companies

    Federal Environment Agency campaigns for corporate environmental performance and leads by example read more

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    Drinking water in Germany once again "very good"

    Threshold values rarely exceeded – nitrate could become a cost driver for some waterworks read more

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    Air quality 2014: Nitrogen dioxide now ranks as pollutant Nr. 1

    Wood-fired heating systems emit more particulate matter locally than road traffic read more

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    The future belongs to environmentally sound products

    2015 Federal Ecodesign Award launched under the motto "Thinking ahead" read more

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    Environmental specimen bank supplies vital data for policy decision making

    Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks and UBA President Maria Krautzberger pay a visit to Fraunhofer Institute lab truck read more

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    'Gold' awarded for new UBA office building

    Haus 2019 in Berlin receives award for sustainable building read more

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    Nitrogen surplus – an environmental problem of entirely new proportions

    Federal Environment Agency campaigns for ambitious mitigation strategy read more

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