Energy self-sufficient and ecological role model: UBA building extension in Dessau-Roßlau

Building project to start in summer 2015, completion in 2017

a fallow land near the UBA office building in Dessau-Roßlau with a computer simulation of the planned builing extension with solar panels on the facadeClick to enlarge
Today, the area for the UBA building extension is a fallow land - here a computer simulation
Source: / UBA

The Federal Environment Agency (UBA) is expanding at its headquarters in Dessau-Roßlau. A second office building for about 100 workplaces will be built alongside the main building completed in 2005. The new building will once again set new standards in ecological building of a most unusual kind: it will supply all of its own energy demand through renewable energy – photovoltaics and a heat pump. Environmentally friendly building materials like recycled concrete and hemp thermal insulation will also be used. The first step of the construction project is a remodelling of the main building in summer 2015 which will enlarge the lobby which is opposite the extension building. Work on the rough structure of the extension building will start in spring 2016. The move-in date is planned for late 2017.

The new building will cost about 13.3 million euros and sets innovative standards in sustainable building, as the main building already did ten years ago. The result will be a plus energy building, which means that the office complex will not consume more energy than before despite the roughly one hundred new workplaces and large conference area.

The extension building will be constructed as a federal project. The building, commissioned to Anderhalten architects of Berlin by the building authorities in Saxony-Anhalt acting on behalf of the Federal Government, has an unusual exterior with an amorphous shape and facade structure. An intelligent folding technique enlarges its surface on which photovoltaic elements alternate with window fronts. The photovoltaic panels will be installed at a 75-degree angle and thus achieve a higher yield than if they were to stand vertically.

The building interior also has many special features, including a high level of user comfort, accessibility and is below the target of the 2009 Energy Saving Ordinance by more than 50%. The energy needed to operate the building will be generated completely by the nearly 720 m²-photovoltaic system on the facade and roof and by a heat pump connected to some 30 geothermal probes. In the course of a year the balance between energy consumption and energy production should show a plus on the production side. The engineers of Büro Winter in Berlin carried out a multitude of simulations and have planned everything down to the last detail. Monitoring of the first operational phase will support achievement of the building's high aims.

The possible surplus electricity will be passed on to the UBA main building. Should the main building have sufficient self-supply, for example on a sunny Sunday, the power will be fed to the public grid.

Upon completion the extension building already complies with the guidelines of the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive for 2019. The Federal Government is sending a signal with this exemplary model of sustainable planning of an office building and setting an example of how the building sector can leave future generations with ecologically, socially and economic intact structures.

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Wörlitzer Platz 1
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Erweiterungsbau Dessau: Welche Innovationen stecken im Projekt?
Source: / UBA

Erweiterungsbau Dessau: Welche Innovationen stecken im Projekt?

UBA-Vizepräsident Dr. Thomas Holzmann und Antje Schindler, Leiterin des UBA-Referats „Bau und Technik, Innerer Dienst“ stellen den intensiven Planungsprozess vor, in dem Architekten, Ingenieuren sowie Energie- und Material-Fachleuten des Amtes gemeinsam nach den besten Lösungen suchen. Computersimulationen und Modelle geben einen Eindruck, wie das Gebäude einmal aussehen wird.

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