First Blue Angel for environmentally friendly washing-up liquid

Strict criteria for resources used ensures compatibility with the environment and health

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260,000 tonnes of washing-up liquid are sold in Germany every year
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480,000 tonnes of cleaning agents and detergents are sold in Germany every year, half of which is washing-up liquid. Which of these liquids has the least impact on the environment? The Blue Angel ecolabel now offers orientation. Just in time for the campaign day on sustainable laundry washing and washing up (Nachhaltiges (Ab)Waschen) on Sunday, 10 May 2015, the first product bearing Germany's most popular ecolabel has been announced: the dm-drogerie markt GmbH & Co. KG drugstore chain recently introduced its own "Denkmit" brand washing-up liquid which meets the strict criteria of the Blue Angel.

Thomas Holzmann, Vice-President of the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) said: "The products we take for granted in the household to wash and clean are sometimes fraught with problems for the environment and health. Detergents, washing-up liquids and other cleaning agents contain chemicals which enter wastewater and impact the environment. Some even have preservatives and allergenic fragrances which can cause health problems. Consumers should therefore choose products with the EU ecolabel or Blue Angel. Both labels guarantee that the environmental impact is much lighter than those of other traditional products.“.

The raw materials in products which have the Blue Angel must meet strict requirements as concerns their compatibility with the environment and health. The scope of the requirements goes beyond what is the statutory standard. Proof of cleaning performance as one of the requirements of the new ecolabel is also a guarantee of good cleaning results since this must be proven in an elaborate test. Beware, however, that these products are only more environmentally friendly when they are used in appropriate doses. Instructions of use and dosage on package labelling should be consulted prior to use.

Further information:

Blue Angel

Around 12,000 environmentally-friendly products and services from around 1,500 companies in 120 product groups have been awarded the Blue Angel. Only the best products and services in a product group in terms of the environment can be awarded the Blue Angel. Independence and credibility is guaranteed by the Environmental Label Jury, the Federal Ministry for Environment, the Federal Environment Agency and RAL GmbH. Members of the Environmental Label Jury represent the Federation of German Industries (BDI), BUND/Friends of the Earth Germany, the German Trade Union Confederation, the Main Association of German Retail Trade (HDE), NABU Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union, the Federation of German Consumer Organizations (vzbv), German Confederation of Skilled Crafts (ZDH), Stiftung Warentest, media, churches, science, the German Association of Towns and Cities, and the German federal states.

Campaign day Nachhaltiges (Ab)Waschen

The Nachhaltiges (Ab)Waschen campaign day on 10 May has been taking place throughout Germany since 2004. It aims to motivate consumers, children and young people to practice sustainable washing and cleaning methods.

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