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2015 Federal Ecodesign Award launched under the motto "Thinking ahead"

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The motto of the 2015 Federal Ecodesign Award: "Thinking ahead"
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"Thinking ahead" is the motto of the Federal Ecodesign Award this year, which is the fourth time it will be presented by the Federal Environment Ministry (BMUB) and the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA). Submissions are invited for convincing products, services and concepts based on their ecological and design qualities, which also promote sustainable consumption. The deadline for entries in all design categories for products and model solutions is 27 April 2015.

The Ecodesign Award covers four different categories. In the products category a prize is awarded to products available on the German market and for market-ready prototypes. The concepts category invites entries for pioneering concepts, studies and model projects. Services and systems solutions can be submitted under the services category. The young talent category is open for entries from higher education students and graduates.

Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks commented: "Products viable for the future are an important prerequisite for environmentally sound consumption. We need people with ideas and entrepreneurial courage. The Federal Ecodesign Award was conceived to recognize and support commitment in this field.

UBA President Maria Krautzberger added: "The special feature of the Ecodesign Award is its transparent and challenging selection procedure. A preselection of submitted entries is carried out by environmental experts from the Federal Environment Agency and design experts from the project advisory board before they are assessed by an interdisciplinary jury. This procedure guarantees that only entries with high-quality design coupled with outstanding ecological features receive awards."

The purpose of design is not only to create beautiful things. Designers are asked to think beyond this concept and consider the impacts of their products on the environment as well as the behaviour of the users in their design plans.

The award was developed by the International Design Centre Berlin e.V. (IDZ), which is also responsible for its organisation. The entries are assessed on the basis of an Ecodesign-specific criteria matrix, which was jointly developed by the Federal Environment Ministry (BMUB), the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) and IDZ.

The awardees and nominees will be honoured at an awarding ceremony at the Federal Environment Ministry on 23 November 2015 and prize winning entries will be presented in a touring exhibition at museums and fairs across Germany. The exhibition of last year's awardees and nominees will be opened in Ludwigsburg on 16 March 2015. The exhibition will be accompanied by workshops and related events.


Werner Aisslinger (designer with a focus on product design and architecture), Dr Kirsten Brodde (author and publisher of the Grüne Mode blog, Green Peace campaigner), Dr Thomas Holzmann (UBA vice president), Professor Günter Horntrich (Professor emiritus for design and ecology at the Cologne International School of Design), Theresa Keilhacker (architect with a focus on sustainable planning and construction), Dr Dietlinde Quack (head of the Öko-Institute group working on product and material flows in the framework of the consumer information campaign, Rita Schwarzelühr-Sutter (Parliamentary State Secretary at the BMUB), Professor Erik Spiekermann (communication and font designer, author), Nicola Stattmann (designer and materials expert)

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