Division E (DEHSt)

Dr. Michael Angrick in the atrium of the UBA office building Dessau-RoßlauClick to enlarge
Dr. Michael Angrick is the head of Division E.
Source: Steffen Proske

Division E contains the German Emissions Trading Authority (Deutsche Emissionshandelsstelle - DEHSt) which is in charge of managing the trade in certificates for the emission of the climate-damaging gas carbon dioxide.

German Emissions Trading Authority (DEHSt)

The DEHSt, which is located in Berlin, is in charge of implementing the EU emissions trading scheme and project based climate protection instruments under the Kyoto Protocol. The DEHSt and its staff of 160 currently provide support for 1,950 facilities in the energy sector, for high-emissions industries, and for some 400 German and international aircraft operators, for all of which emissions trading is mandatory.

The DEHSt strives to be a modern and service oriented agency, all of whose processes are fully computer supported and carried out electronically. The agency’s customer service unit also provides businesses with information concerning all aspects of emissions trading.

The DEHSt’s main duties are as follows:

  • allocation of emissions allowances
  • controlling and auctioning of emissions allowances in Germany
  • review of yearly emissions reports
  • approval and review of climate protection projects within the framework of the Kyoto Protocol
  • account management of the accounts administered by Germany in the EU ETS part of the Union Registry and Kyoto processes in the national Kyoto Registry
  • supporting the independent verification bodies as to verifying emissions data
  • supporting the German Federal Ministry for Environment and the European Commission in analyzing and enhancing European Emissions Trading
  • fulfillment of national and international reporting
  • international cooperation with different institutions so as to build up national and regional emissions trading systems
  • payment of State aid to energy-intensive enterprises to compensate for indirect CO2 costs (electricity price compensation)

For further information about the DEHSt visit www.dehst.de.