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    Consumer protection: More transparency in PayPal's terms and conditions

    Parts of the terms and conditions were incomprehensible to consumers read more

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    The German Ecodesign Award 2023 goes to twelve pioneering projects

    Federal Minister for the Environment Lemke and UBA Vice President Busse honour the award winners. read more

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    Current recycling review: Successes, failures and challenges

    How we achieve a high level of recyclability for packaging read more

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    Consequences of the climate crisis in Germany are becoming more severe

    BMUV and UBA present third monitoring report on the Federal Government's Strategy for German Adaptation to Climate Change (DAS) read more

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    Antibiotic resistance: Study shows high pressure to take action

    AOK, IWW and the German Environment Agency investigate ecological sustainability in the supply of antibiotics read more

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    Regional dialogues on climate adaptation start in Dessau-Roßlau

    Citizens in five regions are developing visions of the future for a climate-adapted Germany read more

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    Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Laboratory launched at the German Environment Agency

    Federal Environment Minister Lemke and UBA President Messner give go-ahead for new experimental space for analysing environmental data read more

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    “Invisible” e-waste: Furniture, clothing or smart-home products can also be electrical appliances

    Plan E campaign provides information on correct disposal – collection volume and recycling must increase read more

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    UBA launches National Centre for Environmental and Nature Conservation Information

    25 new jobs created at Merseburg site read more

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    Nominees selected for the German Ecodesign Award 2023

    26 projects have a chance of winning the award at the prize-giving ceremony on 4 December read more

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    CO2 storage must not hinder phase-out of fossil fuels

    New UBA paper: Testing CCS technology for waste incineration - priority to be given to peatlands, forests and other natural sinks read more

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    Looking for ideas on living with climate change

    Citizens can participate in the "Dialogue on Climate Adaptation" starting today read more

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    European Mobility Week: Sustainable mobility saves energy

    A new record number of 177 German municipalities and districts are taking part in the international action week. read more

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    Water resources must be better protected

    UBA warns against slow-to-degrade and mobile chemicals read more

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    New UBA building serves as a model for sustainable construction

    German Environment Agency opens climate-neutral extension in Dessau read more

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    First "Environment in the Neighbourhood" Action Days bring sustainable commitment to life locally

    Steffi Lemke and Dirk Messner open the Action Days with a walk through the Am Leipziger Tor district of Dessau read more

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    Additional measures needed to achieve climate targets

    Current projection report sees gap by 2030 read more

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    Wherever spraying takes place, streams are damaged

    Despite extensive approval testing and strict regulations, pesticides from agriculture enter small water bodies in environmentally harmful quantities read more

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    Environmental awareness study: Majority of Germans consider adaptation to already clearly noticeable climate crisis necessary

    Environmental and climate protection remain important despite multiple other crises read more

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    UBA presents study on water management consequences of brown coal phase-out in Lausitz region

    UBA President: "We hope that our study will provide the federal states with helpful food for thought for their own solution options." read more

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    European emissions trading: Greenhouse gas emissions in Germany constant overall

    DEHSt annual report shows more emissions from coal combustion read more

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    UBA study: This is how Germany can achieve its 2030 climate targets

    More rail transport, a reform of the motor vehicle tax and reducing reliance on heating with fossil fuels are required read more

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    New drinking water ordinance ensures high quality

    Replacement of old lead pipes, new parameters and lower limits for pollutants: German Environment Agency (UBA) welcomes stricter rules for drinking water safety read more

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    Better recycling of boats

    Digital product passport can help recycle fibre-reinforced composite materials read more

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    Spree faces increased water shortage after coal phase-out in Lausitz region

    UBA study: Saxony, Brandenburg and Berlin face a mammoth task read more

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    German bathing water quality remains at a high level

    More than 96 percent of all bathing water sites rated "excellent" or "good” read more

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    Marine Litter Round Table active against plastic pollution in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea for seven years

    read more

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    Connectivity with consequences: 13 steps to counter software obsolescence

    The German Environment Agency (UBA) recommends measures to increase the lifespan of technological devices and gives advice on how consumers can protect themselves. read more

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    The German Organic Waste Campaign launches Organic Waste Bin Challenge 2023

    read more

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    Plastic manufacturers to pay into Single-Use Plastic Fund in future

    German Environment Agency to launch digital platform DIVID on January 1, 2024 read more

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    Traffic noise can increase risk of depression and anxiety disorders

    An appeal for a 30 km/h speed limit in cities and more protection against railroad and aircraft noise read more

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    Call for papers: German Prize for Nature Writing 2023

    Authors can submit their writing until 30 April 2023 read more

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    UBA forecast: 2022 greenhouse gas emissions down by 1.9 percent

    Increase in coal and fuel consumption – more renewables and overall lower energy use curb the effects read more

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    Paludiculture: More climate action with rewetted peatlands

    Government should provide financial support to farmers practicing voluntary peatland protection read more

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    New quality seal for air conditioning systems: good quality air at low energy cost

    Three-step process involving independent verification ensures energy efficiency in air conditioning systems read more

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    Tackling the housing shortage with ecological answers

    Refurbishment of the housing stock is key to more affordable housing and climate action read more

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    Germany complied with air quality limit values nearly everywhere in 2022

    Yet no guarantee that health is protected read more

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    Consumer protection: German Environment Agency participates in European screening for manipulative online shop practices

    read more

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    Final 2021 greenhouse gas emissions balance: Emissions declined by 39 percent over 1990, complying with EU climate action targets

    Official estimate of 2022 emissions required by Climate Change Act to be published in mid-March 2023 read more

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    German Ecodesign Award 2023: Federal Government competition renews offer of reward for ecological design

    read more

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    Possible ban on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in the EU

    UBA and other agencies submit proposal for the restriction of PFAS to the European Chemicals Agency read more

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    Emissions trading rings up record revenues: More than 13 billion euros for climate protection

    Emissions trading squares ambitious climate action with social compatibility and economic competitiveness read more

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