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    Paludiculture: More climate action with rewetted peatlands

    Government should provide financial support to farmers practicing voluntary peatland protection read more

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    New quality seal for air conditioning systems: good quality air at low energy cost

    Three-step process involving independent verification ensures energy efficiency in air conditioning systems read more

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    Tackling the housing shortage with ecological answers

    Refurbishment of the housing stock is key to more affordable housing and climate action read more

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    Consumer protection: German Environment Agency participates in European screening for manipulative online shop practices

    read more

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    Final 2021 greenhouse gas emissions balance: Emissions declined by 39 percent over 1990, complying with EU climate action targets

    Official estimate of 2022 emissions required by Climate Change Act to be published in mid-March 2023 read more

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    German Ecodesign Award 2023: Federal Government competition renews offer of reward for ecological design

    read more

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    Possible ban on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in the EU

    UBA and other agencies submit proposal for the restriction of PFAS to the European Chemicals Agency read more

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    Emissions trading rings up record revenues: More than 13 billion euros for climate protection

    Emissions trading squares ambitious climate action with social compatibility and economic competitiveness read more

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