Consumer protection: More transparency in PayPal's terms and conditions

Parts of the terms and conditions were incomprehensible to consumers

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PayPal has agreed to amend the terms and conditions used throughout Europe
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The European consumer protection cooperation (CPC) Network, led by the German Environment Agency (UBA), has secured a consumer-friendly amendment to the terms and conditions of the online payment service PayPal. Parts of the terms and conditions have so far been intransparent and incomprehensible to consumers. UBA President Dirk Messner said: “European consumer protection law has day-to-day significance for all consumers in the EU. Even global corporations such as PayPal cannot disregard it. With its dedicated work, the CPC network has achieved a great success for all European citizens.”

A warning report published last year on PayPal within the European CPC network of authorities had confirmed violations of the EU's Directive on the protection of consumer privacy in several member states. As part of a coordinated action, the ⁠ UBA contacted PayPal on behalf of the CPC network. The aim was to achieve a revision of the company's user agreement.

As a result of the CPC Network's intervention, PayPal has now agreed to amend the terms and conditions used throughout Europe so that all consumers can better understand them. In particular, the payment service must in future dispense with clauses that require consumers to interpret complicated legal terms such as "merchantability" or "implied warranties".

According to the company, the changes to PayPal's user agreement will come into force on 28 May 2024. Even if the negotiated improvements are implemented, this does not give the company carte blanche. Affected parties and organisations can still have the terms and conditions reviewed in court.

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The UBA campaigns for the collective interests of consumers across borders. However, it does not enforce the individual claims of individual consumers. Rather, they benefit as a community from the fact that abuses and violations by companies operating throughout Europe are uncovered and remedied.

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