Joint press release by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV) and the German Environment Agency (UBA)

First "Environment in the Neighbourhood" Action Days bring sustainable commitment to life locally

Steffi Lemke and Dirk Messner open the Action Days with a walk through the Am Leipziger Tor district of Dessau

Kinder pflanzen in Dessau ein Blumenbeet.Click to enlarge
Children plant flowers in Dessau
Source: Cecilia Amann / Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau

On 2 September, the first nationwide pilot "Environment in the Neighbourhood" Action Days will be launched in four federal states. At a total of five locations, residents can experience diverse examples of sustainable involvement at first hand: Urban Gardening in Dessau, waste collection campaigns in Bremen and various neighbourhood events in Berlin and Bochum. With the new action days, the BMUV and UBA want to draw the public's attention to the commitment of those people who are shaping the socio-ecological transformation in urban neighbourhoods. The pilot action days are intended to make this commitment visible, to improve networking between actors and citizens and, at the same time, to test a new format for participation.

Federal Minister for the Environment Steffi Lemke: "Urban neighbourhoods can be particularly effective in countering the climate crisis, species extinction and the pollution crisis. Environmental and climate policy depends on the commitment of all the people who, through diverse and numerous local activities, are working hard to protect the environment and at the same time are creating a better quality of life in the city. I am therefore particularly pleased that many people in a range of locations are contributing together to making neighbourhoods more attractive and sustainable with good ideas and the will to create, and thus to improving the quality of the environment and life in our cities."

UBA ⁠President Dirk Messner: "All our major issues – climate protection and climate adaptation, resource protection, transformation of mobility and construction – come together in urban neighbourhoods and can be experienced by people there in very concrete ways. We want to make people's strong commitment to environmental protection visible in their own living and working environment and thus strengthen the neighbourhood as a space for action for environmental and climate protection."

The "Environment in the Neighbourhood" Action Days will be held for the first time on a trial basis in five neighbourhoods nationwide in the week from 2 to 10 September: In Berlin-Wedding (Badstrasse and Soldiner Kiez), in Bochum-Wattenscheid, in Bremen-Gröpelingen and in Dessau's Leipziger Tor neighbourhood. With a variety of events and activities, the neighbourhoods are highlighting the local importance of environmental and sustainability issues: from delicious garden dinners for the neighbourhood and upcycling campaigns to waste avoidance, city tours and mobile city labs to repair cafés and informative environmental education. "Environment in the Neighbourhood" is an important showcase for local environmental commitment.

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