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    2019 record: Electricity production from renewable sources is now greater than coal

    Historic low in wind power expansion does slow future growth read more

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    Climate-neutral travel: Federal Government offsets its business travel

    International climate action projects selected according to strict criteria read more

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    Blue Angel for wood stoves

    Significant emissions reductions required read more

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    Nitrogen surplus from agriculture has been excessive for 20 years

    No sign of change up to 2017 in intensive livestock farming regions read more

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    Soil of the Year 2020: Intertidal Flat Soil

    Tidal flats occur on all continents and in all climate zones read more

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    A focus on risks and side effects for mankind and the planet

    UBA and DBU open exhibition on interactions between environment and human health read more

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    Blauer Kompass contest goes into next round

    Wanted: projects dealing with impacts of climate change read more

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    Climate change in Germany: New monitoring report illustrates far-reaching impact

    Germany will feel effects of global warming more strongly with ever more proof of cause read more

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    Federal Environment Minister and President of German Environment Agency confer German Ecodesign Award 2019

    read more

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    Consumption of packaging in Germany increased further in 2017

    New record high in packaging waste: 18.7 million tonnes accrued read more

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    UBA presents concept for environmentally acceptable aviation

    Adjust taxes, reduce noise, promote rail and climate-friendly fuels read more

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    Greenhouse gas-neutral and resource-efficient by 2050

    RESCUE study investigates six scenarios of possible transformation pathways to achieving greenhouse gas neutrality and resource efficiency in Germany read more

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    Insufficient recycling capacities for dismantling wind-powered installations

    UBA study examines environmental aspects of recycling old wind-powered installations read more

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    New packaging registry marks first year of success

    Federal states must step up imposing fines and producers must avoid more packaging read more

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    Pesticide approval procedure greatly endangers protection of biodiversity

    Higher administrative court review of rulings on pesticides needed urgently read more

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    Exposure to chemicals in the human body can now be compared for all of Europe

    HBM4EU initiative presents assessment values for phthalates, cadmium and bisphenol A – more to follow read more

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    Quo vadis, agriculture?

    Agriculture Commission demands fundamental changes in our agriculture system read more

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    Marine Regions Forum discusses solutions for marine protection

    200 international experts meeting in Berlin read more

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    Protect oceans and polar regions, secure coastal areas for the long term

    UBA and AWI demand more climate action and protection of the oceans and the mitigation of risks for coastal regions read more

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    Further decline in 2017 of reusables share in beverage packaging

    Only beer is sold mostly in reusable bottles read more

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    40 years of innovative ideas to promote environmental protection

    Federal Environment Ministry's Environmental Innovation Programme (UIP) marks its 40th anniversary read more

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    Jury nominates 31 projects for the German Federal Ecodesign Award

    Award ceremony on 25 November at the Federal Ministry for Environment read more

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    European Mobility Week targets pedestrian traffic

    73 municipalities in Germany to show sustainable mobility in practice from 16 to 22 September read more

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    Real nitrogen oxide emissions of diesel passenger cars remain too high

    Newest generation of diesel passenger cars (6d-TEMP) clearly undercut limits in real-world conditions read more

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    Less use of pesticides in municipalities is possible

    Conference: Variety of methods for environmentally safe weed or pest control is already available. read more

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    German Environment Agency launches air quality app for Android and iPhone devices

    Up-to-date measurements of particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide and ozone pollution available from 400 measuring stations read more

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    Plenty of sun and wind sets electricity records in Germany

    Expansion of wind energy slows read more

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    45%-target collection rate for WEEE reached in 2017

    More than 800,000 tonnes collected read more

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    Healthy all summer long

    Tips to beat the summer heat and heatwaves read more

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    More environmental protection in e-commerce

    German Environment Agency: Operators of e-marketplaces must step up action against illegal imports read more

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    2018 data on air quality: 57 cities exceed the NO2 limit value

    German Environment Agency publishes “Gesunde Luft“ magazine on air pollution read more

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    Online citizen dialogue "GesprächStoff Ressourcen" sparks talk about resource efficiency

    Citizens can be part of the update to Germany's Resource Efficiency Programme read more

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    Digitalisation can make consumption more sustainable

    Product information, purchase decision and delivery – Consumption 4.0 won’t happen all by itself read more

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    Plastics in the environment

    New UBA study: Numbers, background information, research needs, and measures to combat the plastic flood read more

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    Top marks for Germany's bathing waters

    Vast majority of bathing waters in Germany rated 'excellent' or 'good' water quality in 2018 read more

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    Emissions trading 2018: German installations cut emissions by 3.5 per cent

    Reduction is due to declining emissions in the energy sector read more

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    Working to achieve greenhouse gas neutrality at the German Environment Agency

    New environmental statement: UBA wants to lead the way as a low-carbon agency read more

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    Environmental Awareness Study 2018

    Population expects more environmental and climate protection from all stakeholders read more

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    Energy efficiency of residential buildings on the rise, but at a slower rate

    17-year collection of data outlines trends in the building stock read more

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    A coffee date with the Blue Angel

    FairCup awarded ecolabel for reusable cup system read more

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    Go for the reusable, not the disposable, when it comes to coffee cups et al.

    Use of disposable cups could be halved within three years read more

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    Biowaste as source of energy

    National campaign week for the bio-bin from 18 May to 9 June 2019 read more

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    Blue Angel ecolabel awarded to disposable nappies

    Three products meet the strict award criteria read more

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    Climate footprint 2018: 4.5 percent decrease in greenhouse gas emissions

    German Environment Agency produces initial detailed estimate read more

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    Renewable energy share rises to 16.6 per cent in 2018

    More electricity sourced from renewable energies – momentum remains slow in heating and transport sectors read more

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    Water type of the year 2019: the large North Sea estuary

    An extreme habitat has only "moderate" status read more

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    Launch of online portal for climate-friendly refrigeration

    Guidance for planners and operators of refrigeration equipment read more

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    Stricter environmental standards for raw material supply necessary

    Raw material prices must reflect the ecological truth read more

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    Nitrogen dioxide loads in Germany down slightly in 2018

    NO2 thresholds still exceeded in many cities, only one case of particulate exceedance, high level of ozone pollution read more

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    Slight decline in greenhouse gas emissions in Germany in 2017

    German Environment Agency reports final CO2 calculations to EU Commission read more

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    Expert group: New housing creation campaign must become greener

    Commission for Sustainable Building presents proposals for climate-friendly building and future-proof urban development read more

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    Lovely, and green: – Submissions for Federal Ecodesign Award 2019 wanted

    read more

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