European Mobility Week targets pedestrian traffic

73 municipalities in Germany to show sustainable mobility in practice from 16 to 22 September

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Urban and transport planning authorities should promote walking.
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Walking is the healthiest, cheapest and most environmentally friendly mode of transportation, yet is often marginalised in mobility planning. Reason enough for this year's European Mobility Week (EMW) on 16 - 22 September to cast the spotlight on pedestrians. Cities and towns from all of Europe will be showing how walking and sustainable mobility are put into practice. Says President Maria Krautzberger of the German Environment Agency (UBA): "Liveable cities require mobility that is clean, low-noise and economical in terms of space – like walking. And they need less car traffic. European Mobility Week shows how municipalities can put these aims into practice jointly with their citizens."

More than 60 municipal governments in all 16 federal states are participating in EMW 2019 with campaigns to promote sustainable mobility at the local level. In the city of Essen, for example, the "Instawalk" along the Kulturlinie tram route lets pedestrians discover the city anew. The town of Lilienthal is offering a "walking workshop" for its older citizens. The cities of Baesweiler, Kassel, Herne and Weimar are easing the wait at Pelican crossings with an interesting quiz. 

During EMW many cities are hosting a campaign at zebra crossings where people can have their photo taken in a look similar to the cover of the 50-year-old "Abbey Road" Beatles album. The campaign aim is to encourage people to walk. 

For an overview of this year's participating cities and towns and their individual measures, go to The blue circles on the map will open a view of the pedestrian crossings in the various cities. 

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European Mobility Week (EMW) is an EU campaign which offers municipalities across Europe the opportunity to raise public awareness of the issue of sustainable mobility. Measures will be established in the week of 16 – 22 September and beyond which will lastingly make local transport greener. More than 2500 campaigns will be launched in towns and cities across Europe. The German Environment Agency has been coordinator of EMW in Germany since 2016. 

Source: Bundesumweltministerium

Europäische Mobilitätswoche 2019: Grußwort von Bundesumweltministerin Svenja Schulze