As part of the federal government's IT Investment Program, the German Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt, UBA) has developed XML repository “XUBetrieb” for collecting and reporting “company master data and environmental reporting data” from plant operators.

XUBetrieb is a freely available XML structure, built on the experience gained in the development of the thru.de (former PRTR, Pollutant Release and Transfer Register), and it is part of the federal XÖV (XML in public administration) project. XUBetrieb is established as a free XML structure to reduce the effort required of companies to meet their environmental reporting obligations.

The Federal Office for Information Technology (ITZBund) of the Federal Office of Administration, acting on behalf of the IT Planning Council, has successfully tested XUBetrieb (version 1.0.0) and found it comliant to the standard XÖV. XUBetrieb will be integrated into the XÖV Repository, in a platform-independent way and as an open development, so that the standards can be refined and updated.


By providing the XÖV-standardised XUBetrieb “Model Components” and by making them freely available to all, we seek to create a situation which Germany’s federal system prevents us from achieving. A win win situation for all.

Newly developed interfaces will rely on the model components to determine the structure of the exchanged data. The use of these components involves no extra effort at any point, but instead reduces the effort in defining interfaces.

The more applications make use of the XUBetrieb model components, the more likely it becomes that a XUBetrieb-compatible interface will already be in place at one side of the communication. The use of the model components by one or both partners of a data (information) exchange significantly reduces programming needs.

In the end, all communication partners will have the same interface structures, and all will benefit from it.

This will happen without prescribing to anyone which infrastructure to use. Nobody will have to pay for an application one does not wish to use. But if users – companies, city, district, federal or european authorities – get together to develop an application using the XUBetrieb interface structure, the data exchange will follow easily.


ContractorsMaintenance 2015: ENDA GmbH & Co. KG

Contractor for maintenance of the XÖV-Standards in the Year 2015, for preparation of the compatibility to the XÖV-Profile V1.3, for the process change for automated generation of specs (now using the original KoSIT tools) and the propagation of inheritance information from the UML2 model to the generated XML schemas has been ENDA GmbH & Co. KG.
Maintenance 2014: ENDA GmbH & Co. KG Contractor for maintenance of the XÖV-Standards in the Year 2014 and the preparation of the comaptibility to the new XÖV Version 2.0 (XGenerator Version 2.5.1) has been ENDA GmbH & Co. KG with its subcontractor Mr. Ch. Senf.
Development: XUmwelt

The joint venture XUmwelt with members ENDA GmbH & Co. KG and KRALLMANN AG. has been contractor for the lots 1 and 2 of XUBetrieb.
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