A dialogue between the parties involved in environmental reporting is still necessary. To support this, annual workshops are scheduled. Future workshops will put greater emphasis on the application of the XUBetrieb standard, with particular focus to experience reports from people using the XUBetrieb standard in concrete projects.

CeBIT 2012

XUBetrieb was represented at CeBIT this year. We were able to report our sucesses and to inform trade and business professionals and the general public of the potential of XUBetrieb.

Closing event on project phases I, II and III

The closing event on phases I, II and III of the XUBetrieb project took place on 21 November 2011 at the German Government’s Press and Information Office in Berlin.

Along with interesting keynotes on visions for the technical design of reporting processes, the results of the XUBetrieb project were presented.

An XÖV standard is never complete. The standard certification includes the concept of maintenance which ensures that the standard is kept up to date and that communication with the users continues.

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