XUBetrieb is a part of XÖV (XML in public administration). The goal of XÖV is to standardise data exchange both within and with public administrations and to make electronic processes more efficient and uniform, and thus improve interoperability.

XÖV offers XUBetrieb a strategic advantage, by
•    reaching as many authorities and departments as possible and
•    by giving the XUBetrieb XML repositories a normative character.

XUBetrieb follows the guidelines of XÖV (XÖV handbook) and the XÖV core components (e.g. address). The results of the XUBetrieb project are fed back into the XÖV project, hence XÖV and XUBetrieb benefit from each other: XÖV offers XUBetrieb a platform of uniform character and wide reach, but it also profits from XUBetrieb since creating standards is its main purpose.


The XRepository operated by the Federal Agency for Information Technology holds the official standards for data exchange both within and with public administrations for the Federal Republic of Germany and makes them available to the public.


The Federal Office for Information Technology (ITZBund) of the Federal Office of Administration is advised and supported by the Coordination Office for IT standards (KoSIT).
As part of the certification process, a standard is tested to see if it fulfills all the criteria set out in the XÖV handbook. After the evaluation of the results, the BIT as supervising agency offers a proposal to the KoSIT, which decides on the standard's certification based both on the test results and the BIT's proposal.

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