XUKommunalabwasser (Municipal Wastewater)

For reporting on wastewater, XUKommunalabwasser is the first in the library of model components derived from the XUBetrieb standard and demonstrates the suitability of XUBetrieb model components for creating message formats for specific reporting requirements.

The reference implementation of the interface XUKommunalabwasser enables the conversion of existing CSV formats for exchanging data on reports into the XUKommunalabwasser XML schema.
The interface facilitates the exchange of report data in accordance with the Municipal Waste-Water Treatment Directive 91/271/EEC between the federal states and the central web application e-Kommunalabwasser of the Federal Environment Agency.

XUKommunalabwasser has been certified as XÖV standard by ITZBund/ KoSIT and has therefore been deposited in the XRepository.

The XML schema can be viewed in your web browser or downloaded as the UML model.

Please find the browser views of message schema here.

The project XUBetrieb is committed the open source idea and publishes all its results under open licenses

  • GNU GPL v3. (works and programs) and
  • GNU Free Documentation License (reports und documentaries).


For automatic validation of XML files in the XUKommunalabwasser format, there are
•    xukommunalabwasser-basisdatentypen.xsd (base types)
•    xukommunalabwasser-baukasten.xsd (components)
•    xukommunalabwasser-nachrichten.xsd (messages)

also available at http://www.xubetrieb.de/schema/xukommunalabwasser/.

Future versions, with increased version number (> 1_0_0), will also be stored here.

All XUBetrieb standards and their respective versions can be found at http://www.xubetrieb.de/schema/.


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