Based on the XÖV guidlines, a UML model and associated XML schema were developed for collecting and reporting company master data and environmental reporting data from plant operators, and they have been XÖV certified. These model components can be used through a web service.

To demonstrate the suitability of both the approach and the model components for developing data models for relevant interfaces, and to simultaneously document their potential usage, we have developed a second UML, XUKommunalabwasser, a model for municipal wastewater based on the XUBetrieb model components. A reference implementation was carried out using RESTful Web services.

XUKommunalabwasser is a certified XÖV standard as well.

The "XUKommunalbwasser" reference implementation was designed as a future alternative to existing interfaces for the exchange of data reported under the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive between the German states and the Federal Environment Agency’s central Web application e-Kommunalabwasser.

In time, a library of ready made, freely available model components will be available for companies to choose from. By raising the base level in the processing of necessary data, administrative costs for authorities and companies can be greatly reduced.

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