The XUBetrieb project is committed to the open-source idea and publishes all of its results under the free licenses
•    GNU GPL v3. (works and programmes) and
•    GNU Free Documentation License (reporting and documentation).

Other free contents

The programme code developed in the project (currently a model parser) and any libraries needed additionally for execution are also freely accessible.

To download these contents, please follow one of the hyperlinks provided below. This will open a new page in which to navigate through the public source file structure.

For example, to view or download the sources of the XUBetrieb project, click on XUBetrieb next to the folder symbol. You will find the current sources. If older versions have been published, they can be found under tags. To download all sources as an archive, click on the "ZIP" button on the right-hand side of the title bar. This will open a download dialogue, in which you select Save. You can then unpack the saved archive file under Windows using a archiving programme such as WINZIP or WINRAR.

To the download archive ...

The following directories are of interest with regard to the XUBetrieb project:

•    XUBetrieb model parser to extract data models from the central UML2 model file, and
•    free ENDA Ruby standard library for the model parser


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