Commissions and Working Groups

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Verschiedene Kommissionen und Arbeitsgruppen von Experten beraten das Umweltbundesamt.
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Experts from federal and other authorities, from universities and other research institutes give advice to the Federal Environment Agency in commissions and working groups. Recommended actions are worked out after intensive discussion.
Otherwise the Federal Environment Agency provides advice to working groups of federal government and German federal states as well as to the WHO.

The human biomonitoring commission advises the president of the Federal Environment Agency in the field of human biomonitoring.

The Indoor Air Hygiene Commission (IRK) provides professional counsel to the president of the Federal Environment Agency on all matters of indoor air hygiene.

A committee assesses indoor air pollutants and derives guide values for indoor air.

To establish the fundamentals for a uniform and reproducible health-related evaluation of building products in Germany, the Committee for Health-related Evaluation of Building Products has developed criteria for testing and an evaluation scheme for ⁠VOC⁠ emissions from building products suitable for indoor usage.

The WHO CC contributes to developing and encouraging collaboration, interaction and networking within the WHO programme "Air Quality and Health".