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    Electricity made regionally

    Guarantees of origin register launched for regional of electricity from renewable energy sources to be launched read more

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    Disposal of packaging to become greener

    Producers subject to mandatory registration must be registered in LUCID packaging registry starting 1 January 2019 read more

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    Environmental impact of software is now measurable

    Wide divergence in energy consumption of computer programs read more

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    Rodent control involves risks for man and the environment

    Safe and effective use of mouse and rat poison read more

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    German North and Baltic Seas not in good condition

    Agriculture, fisheries and marine litter are main cause of problems read more

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    “To-go coffee" with the Blue Angel

    Blue Angel improves environmental friendliness of to-go coffee read more

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    Climate change abroad also affects the German economy

    UBA research study details the challenges facing foreign trade due to climate change read more

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    Higher quality plastics recycling is necessary

    Recycling-friendly design, higher recycling rates and minimum recyclate quotas can conserve resources read more

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    Official travel by Federal Government and federal agencies is climate neutral

    Number of agencies offsetting their official travel grows read more

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    First national competition for sustainable urban logistics

    read more

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    Raw material consumption increases once again – to 16.1 tonnes per capita and year

    UBA recommends a reduction of VAT on resource-efficient goods and services read more

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    Another toy awarded with the Blue Angel

    High requirements to avoid and minimize harmful substances in products read more

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    Award ceremony for winners of 7th German Federal Ecodesign Award

    Awards for clever solutions in sustainable design read more

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    High costs when environmental protection is neglected

    One tonne of CO2 emissions causes damage worth 180 euros – German Environment Agency publishes updated cost rates read more

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    Only few waste household appliances are properly collected for recycling

    European Week for Waste Reduction: UBA presents proposals to increase collection rate of waste electrical and electronic equipment read more

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    Federal Government strengthens relations between urban and rural areas

    Federal Research Ministry launches “Stadt-Land-Plus” (Urban-Rural-Plus) funding measure read more

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    EU member states need to step up the fight against antibiotics in the environment

    German Environment Agency presents seven priority areas for action read more

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    Minister Schulze presents plan for glyphosate phase-out

    New authorisation procedure for plant protection products to complement phase-out read more

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    40th anniversary of the Blue Angel

    The German government's ecolabel is setting standards since 1978 read more

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    Strengthen pedestrian traffic, protect the environment, make urban living liveable

    German Environment Agency presents basic principles of a pedestrian traffic strategy read more

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    New funding priority: Innovative wastewater engineering

    Operators of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities can apply for funding under the Environmental Innovation Programme until 15 April 2019 read more

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    Who are the winners of the German Federal Ecodesign Award 2018? Jury announces nominees

    Prize award ceremony on 26 November at Federal Ministry for Environment read more

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    Studies of mercury, acrylamide and pesticides exposure

    European Human Biomonitoring project HBM4EU directs its focus on nine new substances with possible health effects read more

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    International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre celebrates first year anniversary

    read more

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    European Mobility Week showcases sustainable mobility in practice

    50 municipalities in Germany to participate in campaigns from 16 to 22 September read more

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    Plant protection product application by helicopter – only after close scrutiny, even on Natura 2000 sites

    Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) and UBA publish guide for public authorities read more

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    Record half year for renewable energy in Germany

    But slower growth in wind sector read more

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    Health risks from legionella – new requirements for evaporative cooling systems operators

    20 August 2018 deadline for operators to submit information about existing plants (pursuant to 42. BImSchV) read more

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    Boat hull paints – a problem for our waters

    Copper emissions from antifouling paints should be reduced read more

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    Level of packaging consumption in Germany remains very high

    An average of 220.5 kg of packaging waste per capita in 2016 read more

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    How cities can respond to heat waves and heavy rains – creative projects show how it is done

    Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze honours winners of Blauer Kompass 2018 contest read more

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    Environmental performance of agriculture sector: still too many nutrients and chemicals

    CAP reform offers chance for more environmentally friendly agriculture on a broad scale read more

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    Finalised data for NO2 pollution in Germany in 2017 now available

    65 cities exceed the NO2 limit value read more

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    Drinking water in Germany again rated "very good"

    Limit values only seldom exceeded – nitrate in drinking water not present in high concentrations read more

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    BMU and UBA launch National Sustainable Urban Logistics Contest

    Wanted: Innovative ideas for environmental protection and climate action in cities read more

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    Changes in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act: More recycling of WEEE

    Registration of producers of electrical and electronic equipment started read more

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    How well do penguins hear?

    World Penguin Day is 25 April – kick-off of new research project on penguin hearing read more

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    UBA issues recommendations to fight micropollutants in water bodies

    Take precautions rather than restorative measures to prevent long-term problems read more

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    Emissions trading: German installations cut emissions by 3.4 percent in 2017

    Reduction in contrast to the EU-wide increase in greenhouse gas emissions read more

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    Climate foot print 2017: Emissions on the decline, slightly

    Energy sector emissions lower, transport sector higher read more

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    Sandy lowland river: Water Type of the Year 2018

    Only three per cent of streams have 'good' status read more

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    Nitrogen dioxide has serious impact on health

    UBA study assesses health impact of nitrogen dioxide in Germany read more

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    Air quality 2017: Mitigation of nitrogen dioxide pollution still missing the mark

    Some 70 municipalities exceed maximum levels – retrofitting diesel vehicles with catalytic converters necessary read more

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    Greenhouse gas emissions rose again in 2016

    Emissions from the transport sector higher than 1990 - coal phase-out more necessary than ever read more

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    Reducing the input of antibiotics from agricultural livestock husbandry into the environment

    EU to retrospectively assess medicines - Internet portal launched for veterinary medical products for farmers and veterinarians read more

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    EU identifies Bisphenol A as a substance of very high concern

    Studies have shown a hormonal effect on fish and amphibians - UBA considering the case for further regulation read more

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    "Good design has nothing to hide"

    Wanted: Innovative entries for German Federal Ecodesign Award 2018 read more

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