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Electricity made regionally

Guarantees of origin register launched for regional of electricity from renewable energy sources to be launched

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What is the source of my green electricity? UBA regional register has the answer.
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Starting 1 January 2019 every household has the opportunity to drive the transformation of the energy system (Energiewende). The new guarantees of regional origin register makes it possible to issue guarantees of origin for electricity produced from renewable sources of energy. End customers will be able to verify that their electricity is produced in their region, for example by the nearby wind turbine.

The guarantee of regional origin which the register provides will realize the energy transformation, or Energiewende, at regional level. Electricity suppliers will be able to put a regional face on their products. Electricity produced in the region will boost the acceptance of the Energiewende at local level. Electricity suppliers may use guarantees of regional origin to prove that the green electricity they are supplying – electricity from renewable sources financed by the renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) surcharge – has been produced at installations in the region. The German Environment Agency is ensuring through the regional register that the regional character of a kilowatt of green electricity is sold only once.

Guarantee of regional origin: The guarantee of regional origin lets consumers have their green electricity supplied from their home region. "Region" is defined as the area of postal codes within the surrounding 50-km radius where the electricity is used. Installation operators can use the register to have guarantees of regional origin issued and then transfer them along with electricity to the suppliers. The electricity suppliers cancel the guarantees of origin and are thus able to certify the regional character of the green electricity on the electricity labelling. Payment of the EEG surcharge, which is used to finance the installations which produce electricity from solar power, wind, water or biomass, is how every electricity user is involved in the Energiewende. It is reflected in electricity labelling in the share "Renewables financed by the EEG surcharge". This new instrument will make it possible to source the share of green electricity be sourced regionally. The guarantee of regional origin provides clarity and protects consumers against multiple sale and false advertising.

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The regional register will be launched on 1 January 2019, whereby the German Environment Agency is implementing Section 79a of the Renewable Energy Sources Act 2017. The legal basis for the new register is the revised Implementing Ordinance on Guarantees of Origin for Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources (HkRNDV), which entered into force on 21 November 2018. The ordinance establishes the legal basis for the operation of the new regional register. It also makes new provisions based on the experience gained from six years of operation of the guarantee of origins register. The revision establishes legal certainty for all the stakeholders.

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