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    Climate change makes adaptation necessary

    New publications on the risks and opportunities of climate change read more

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    Climate protection: EU resolves to switch off light bulb starting 2009

    Regulation valid throughout EU will save some 15.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year by 2020 read more

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    Environmental awareness among Germans is high

    Federal Environment Ministry and UBA present new study read more

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    EMAS environmental management at five sites

    UBA seeks to reduce pressure on environment caused by its travel on official business read more

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    Giving sun this Christmas and protecting the environment

    Solar products with the ”Blue Angel” save energy costs: Exhibition at the ENERGYDESIGN CENTER in Berlin read more

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    More safety at industrial installations

    German consultation aid services to avoid hazardous incidents read more

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    Building and living still place greater strain on environment than necessary

    New Federal Environment Agency (UBA) brochure points the way to a solution read more

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    The Blue Angel - Active in Climate Protection

    Labelling of particularly energy-efficient and climate-friendly products read more

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    Germany now involved in more than 100 international climate protection projects

    Clean Development Mechanism is headed in the right direction read more

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    Wood-fired heating: Not every type of fuel may be used in fireplace or tiled stove

    Consumer advice on climate-friendly heating read more

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    Emissions trading: companies to receive certificates

    Pressure to act mounts on inefficient power stations read more

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    Emerging economies can also make a lasting contribution to climate protection

    Support of industrialised countries required read more

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    Safe and ecologically just travel to Antarctica

    New visitors guide and flyer for cruise ship tourists read more

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    Global warming: Water scarcity in the Alps?

    Uneven distribution of water resources may become exacerbated read more

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    As concerns the ‘climate neutral’ notion: Preventing greenhouse gases is better than offsetting them

    Federal Environment Agency publishes guide on voluntary compensation for greenhouse gases read more

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    Nearly 42 billion euros in subsidies detrimental to environmental protection efforts

    New report by Federal Environment Agency shows how to phase out unecological subsidies read more

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    Semi-natural bodies of water and leas sustain biodiversity

    Conservation and environmental protection measures required read more

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    Information on energy-efficient city lighting

    First results from countrywide contest and into the next round read more

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    Success for REACH

    New obligations to report for businesses: European Chemicals Agency publishes list of Substances of Very High Concern read more

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    Climate change in Europe: Warning signs becoming ever clearer

    European Environment Agency publishes new report read more

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    Mobile air conditioning units with carbon dioxide are climate-friendly and efficient

    First-time launch of mobile air conditioning units with CO2: UBA presents car at IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover read more

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    Germany is global leader in exports of environmental protection products

    56 billion euros in environmental protection products shipped abroad read more

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    Contest: Schools take action to protect climate

    Wanted: Creative solutions to climate and environmental problems read more

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    Climate-friendly refrigeration in supermarkets

    Systems with natural refrigerants have best climate balance - grants available for energy efficiency and use of natural refrigerants read more

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    Consumer electronics are seldom green

    UBA booth at IFA provides info on stand-by losses in consumer electronics read more

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    A healthy start in life

    The impact of the environment on infants, unborn children and fertility - new brochure for parents read more

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    Emissions reporting made easy

    New registration software BUBE-Online simplifies corporate environmental data reporting read more

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    Online now: The new H2O-Wissen media database

    Teaching materials on the subject of water and protection of waters available in time for back-to-school season read more

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    Health: Carefree summer

    How to enjoy the summer without environmentally-related health problems read more

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    Environmental justice - Environmental and health protection for everyone!

    Lower income population often bears the brunt of environmental problems read more

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    Energy-saving advice in Turkish

    Federal Environment Agency’s first Turkish-language how-to manual with advice on how to save energy in the household read more

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    Could there be a dramatic and abrupt change in the climate?

    UBA background paper on possible tipping points in climate system read more

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    Import of waste subject to authorisation rose in 2007

    Federal Environment Agency publishes statistics for 2007 read more

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    Bye bye standby: EU Commission declares war on standby losses

    Measures adopted to combat energy-inefficient office and household appliances read more

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    Saving petrol, staying mobile - despite high fuel prices

    Nine tips from the Federal Environment Agency read more

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    Waste incineration and waste prevention are not a contradiction in terms

    New Federal Environment Agency background paper read more

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    Ban on DecaBDE flame retardant in electronic and electrical equipment in effect on 1 July 2008

    Federal Environment Agency calls for similar move for textiles read more

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    New Internet portal to provide public authorities guidance in purchasing computers

    Public-private cooperation in IT and communications technology purchasing read more

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    First eco-label with same award criteria for Germany and China

    Use of label for recycled toner cartridges becomes much easier read more

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    More energy efficiency in city lighting

    National contest launched read more

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    Biological diversity and human simplicity

    Ironic art: Exhibit at Federal Environment Agency in Berlin read more

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    Put CO2 away under the sea?

    Domestic and international experts discuss impact of carbon dioxide sequestration on marine environment read more

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    Pre-registration for REACH begins

    Federal Environment Agency providing advice and support to businesses on implementation of REACH read more

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    Continued dry periods and nitrogen input are hazardous to biological diversity

    Agriculture must reduce nitrogen deposition read more

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    Jobs in environmental protection at a record high

    1.8 million in Germany employed in environmental protection sector read more

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    Natural refrigerant for mobile air conditioning systems

    Carbon dioxide as refrigerant lowers greenhouse gas emissions read more

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    Our oceans and seas need protection!

    New background paper by Federal Environment Agency on perspectives in European Marine Strategy read more

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    Summertime and bathing fun

    New regulations in monitoring of bathing waters read more

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    A clean bill of health for our waters?

    Experts concerned about malformations in marine organisms - Cause study in North and Baltic Seas necessary read more

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    Park landscapes, root systems, tree signs

    Federal Environment Agency exhibits artwork about the resource tree read more

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    Setting limits for asphalt and cement

    Put the brakes on land use, save resources, maintain diversity read more

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    Blue Angel tyres run more quietly

    Eco-label for low noise emissions and reduced rolling resistance read more

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    Biodiversity: creating a national park programme in Turkmenistan

    Advising-assistance project will support the protection of biological diversity read more

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    Renewable energies making the electricity mix more climate-friendly

    CO2 emissions per kilowatt hour of electricity sank in 2006 read more

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    ”Girls’ Day - future prospects for girls” 2008

    Federal Environment Agency in Dessau-Roßlau is in on it once again read more

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    Climate change and Germany - Adaptation necessary

    Results of congress held in Berlin read more

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    Recommendations for ecologically fair event planning

    New guide published on ecological organisation of meetings, congresses, and other events read more

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    Noise Awareness Day 2008

    UBA calls for regional measures to combat high levels of noise annoyance read more

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    News from a learning federal authority

    "This this" art project comes to successful close read more

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    Environmental protection requires planning

    How planning law can do more to protect climate, biodiversity and undeveloped land read more

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    EMAS environmental management: Federal Environment Agency practises what it preaches

    Federal Environment Agency practises what it preaches read more

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    Fluorinated greenhouse gases: New EU regulations governing refrigeration and air conditioning systems

    As of July 2008 maintenance, installation and servicing by certified professionals only - self-installation no longer allowed read more

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    Fragrances in laundry detergents and cleaning  agents -   one can well do without

    A nationwide day for sustainable (dish) washing on 10 May 2008 read more

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    No deficit in supply of electricity expected

    Federal Environment Agency presents study on alleged gap in electricity supply on account of phasing out nuclear energy by 2020 read more

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    Summer, sun, climate change

    How can we protect ourselves from summertime heat? Advice and information in a new UBA background paper read more

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    The fight against rubbish and stink: advice on ecological spring cleaning

    Use cleaning products sparingly - bring broken electrical and electronic devices to community collection points read more

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    Despite rise in German industry’s emissions in 2007

    Emissions trading was already effective in first trading period read more

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    Brominated flame retardants: guardian angels with a bad streak?

    A new Federal Environment Agency background paper on the uses, risks, and substitutes read more

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    Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act - ElektroG in effect for three years: Federal Ministry for Environment and Federal Environment Agency deliver positive summary

    High rate of collection of used electrical and electronic equipment read more

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    Progress made or a standstill in environmental protection?

    Answers provided in new manual with 44 environmental indicators read more

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    How good is drinking water quality in households with children?

    More results from the Federal Environment Agency’s German Environmental Survey for Children read more

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    Environmental Research Plan 2008 now online

    Submission of statements of intent accepted up until 4 April 2008 read more

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    Climate protection: Greenhouse gas emissions down by 2.4 percent in 2007

    Warm weather, high cost of energy and continued strong growth in renewable energies sector account for braking read more

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    Computers to go green

    Ecology is focus of this year’s CeBIT read more

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    Climate protection: New manual for Joint Implementation projects

    DEHSt publishes guide for innovative climate protection projects under the Kyoto Protocol read more

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    Child health: House dust sometimes polluted

    Early results from 600 households with children read more

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    30 years of the Blue Angel, 30 years of innovation

    BMU, UBA and Environmental Label jury mark start of anniversary year of successful eco-label read more

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    Climate protection and resource efficiency

    Annual conference: Challenges and opportunities for IT and telecommunications sector read more

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    Emissions trading: Allocation procedure for second trading period completed

    1,625 installations receive free emissions allowances read more

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    Industrial waste in my neighbourhood?

    New Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) provides online information about industrial emissions read more

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    Soot particle filter: Federal Environment Ministry denies accusation it lied

    Bundestag was fully and truthfully informed read more

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    Dangerous legacy: Complete replacement of lead water pipes now

    Water containing lead not suitable for infants, toddlers, and pregnant mothers read more

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    Despite favourable atmospheric conditions: too much atmospheric particulate matter in 2007

    Only little improvement on account of mild winter and rainy summer read more

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    Waste water treatment facilities do their bit to protect climate

    Cities and municipalities can save a great deal of energy on waste water treatment read more

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    Exposure to traffic and aircraft noise are recipes for illness

    International study repeats findings: the greater the noise exposure, the higher the blood pressure read more

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    Cooperative effort between Federal Network Agency and Federal Environment Agency

    Federal Network Agency’s market surveillance aids compliance with Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act read more

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    Emissions trading in Europe goes into next round

    German Emissions Trading Authority delivers positive summary read more

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