Joint press release with the Federal Environment Ministry (BMU) and the Environmental Label Jury

The Blue Angel - Active in Climate Protection

Labelling of particularly energy-efficient and climate-friendly products

The Blue Angel is going to increasingly focus on climate protection: From the beginning of next year, the world’s oldest and most well-known eco-label will also be awarded to particularly energy-efficient and climate-friendly products and services and thus provide consumers with better purchase orientation. ”Germany’s Federal Environment Ministry, the Federal Environment Agency and the Environmental Label Jury will continue to further develop the Blue Angel to make it the leading label for climate-friendly products within the scope of the Federal government’s climate policy” said Astrid Klug, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Environment Ministry at today’s 30th anniversary celebration of the Blue Angel in Berlin (November 19, 2008). ”Consumers need information that will help them contribute to climate protection in everyday life. The Blue Angel is going to show them the way”, said Professor Dr. Andreas Troge, President of the Federal Environment Agency, on the occasion of the presentation of the new climate protection label.


The new label will, for a start, be available for ten particularly consumer- and climate-relevant product groups, such as refrigerators and washing machines as well as tv sets and espresso machines. The award criteria are currently being developed. Up to another 90 important product groups are expected to be added within the next three years. To make it easier for consumers to spot the best products in terms of climate protection, the Blue Angel logo will include information on this feature.

”It is only logical and correct to fall back on a successful labelling and certification scheme, the Blue Angel. More than 80 percent of the Germans know the Blue Angel and almost 900 companies use it. The starting conditions for a climate label could not be better”, said Dr. Edda Müller, who participated in the planning and creation of the Blue Angel thirty years ago and who today is the vice-chairwoman of the Environmental Label Jury.

”During the past three decades, the Blue Angel has significantly shaped the product-related environmental policy in Germany. The fact that this sought-after label is awarded only to the products with the best environmental performance has repeatedly initiated competition for innovations within the industry. It is this top runner approach that makes the Blue Angel so important for the future too”, emphasized Jutta Penning, head of the ”Environmentally Compatible Technology” department at the Federal Environment Agency.

Top runners, i.e. particularly efficient leading-edge devices, are today already available in the market in many product groups. However, manufacturers and retailers often do not adequately advertise these products and consumer demand for these products is insufficient. An increased market penetration of efficient devices would help save energy and, thus, prevent the release of greenhouse gases. The new climate label advises consumers as to which products are particularly energy-efficient and climate friendly.

The Federal Environment Ministry had invited all partners of the Blue Angel eco-label from industry, politics and society who actively participated in the anniversary campaign to Berlin to celebrate the anniversary of the Blue Angel. All German federal states supported the tour of the Blue Angel Campaign bus which took place from May to mid-September. In addition to this, fifty trading and industrial enterprises as well as environmental and consumer associations took part in the campaign.

A reproducible image file of the new Blue Angel for climate protection can be obtained from the press offices of the Federal Environment Ministry or the Federal Environment Agency.

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