Joint press release with the Environmental Label jury

30 years of the Blue Angel, 30 years of innovation

BMU, UBA and Environmental Label jury mark start of anniversary year of successful eco-label

The Blue Angel has stood for high standards in environmental protection for 30 years.  It is an important instrument in achieving the goals set by the federal government in climate and resource protection.  The Blue Angel is an engine of innovation for the most efficient solutions on the market, making it particularly important in ecological industrial policy as a means to promote new technologies and products. It also acts to promote the competitiveness of German businesses. Its success and worth have high credibility among consumers, for 80 per cent of citizens in Germany recognise the Blue Angel, and many consumers use the environmental label for orientation when making daily purchases. ”The Blue Angel has become a brand of its own and stands for true commitment to protecting the environment”, said Prof. Dr. Andreas Troge, President of the Federal Environment Agency, at a press conference held on 19 February 2008 in Berlin before the launch of celebrations to commemorate the eco-label. ”Businesses can use the Blue Angel as proof of their social responsibility to mankind and the environment, and to position themselves on the market. Products that bear the Blue Angel are not only harmless to health and the environment, they are also an economic success”, said Troge.

Since its inception in 1978 the Blue Angel aims to establish groundbreaking standards in products for the sake of the protection of the environment, consumers and human health. ”The Blue Angel is particularly successful in areas where its standards have taken hold in the purchasing patterns of the public authorities.  This has often raised the market standard and has, on occasion, paved the way for establishing regulations throughout the EU”, said  Prof. Dr. Edda Müller, the ”mother” of the Blue Angel and Deputy Chair of the Environmental Label jury.  There are currently 10,000 products and services offered by some 950 label users in 80 products groups that have been awarded the Blue Angel.

During the anniversary year the Environmental Label jury, the Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), and the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) , together with the federal states, cities, municipalities, manufacturers, and merchants will be launching various campaigns in connection with the Blue Angel.  The ”Aktion Blaues Sofa” involves a great many stakeholders and intends to promote the Blue Angel to a wide audience.  Leading businesses, state governments, cities, and municipalities are already working to get active participation in the campaign.  ”Aktion Blaues Sofa” will be launched by Edda Müller and the state environment minister of Rhineland-Palatinate, Margit Conrad, on 9 May 2008 in Mainz.

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