Energy-saving advice in Turkish

Federal Environment Agency’s first Turkish-language how-to manual with advice on how to save energy in the household

The result of collaborative efforts by the Federal Environment Agency (UBA), the Turkish Community in Germany (German acronym: TGD), and the Turkish-language environmental group called Yesil Cember within Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND), is the publication of the first guide on how to save energy in the household to appear in Turkish. The guide gives practical everyday advice. It is UBA’s way to address the migrants in Germany who had made a request that for the sake of better understanding, there should be more information about the risks posed to the environment available in their native language. The Turkish community is the largest migrant group in Germany.

Upon issuance of the publication in Berlin Kenan Kolat, Federal Chairman of TGD, Gülcan Nitsch, a Yesil Cember  representative, and UBA Vice President Dr. Thomas Holzmann spoke of successful cooperation that must be continued. The next project is to translate another UBA guide on mould in the home, and another translation on the disposal of batteries and accumulators is planned. The contents of the guides essentially reflect those of the publications already issued in German, save for a few slight modifications made as appropriate for the target group.

The energy-saving brochure holds practical advice for daily life on how to protect the environment as well as save money. This includes purchasing low-energy appliances, detecting energy guzzlers, cutting heating costs, and taking advantage of government subsidies for insulation measures in the home.  Standby losses alone can cost a household an extra 100 euros per year.

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