Information on the NO2 exceedance table

The table shows the number of hours of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) exceedance at all the measuring stations of the German States networks and UBA for the current year.

Short-term limit value

To protect human health the NO2 hourly mean value must not exceed 200 µg/m³ on more than 18 days in a year. This limit value entered into force pursuant to EU Directive 2008/50/EC in 2010.

Data made public

The German Environment Agency publishes tables of the continuously data recorded of its own stations and those in the German States measuring network in order to provide the public with exceedances information quickly and promptly.

Preliminary data and gaps in the data

This preliminary, continually collected data is reviewed, and corrected as necessary, according to a European standardised procedure by the competent authorities in the German States. The corrected data is decisive for a final evaluation of the NO2 pollution situation. Besides the preliminary character of the measurement data one should keep in mind that there may be gaps in the data records. This can be due to failures in data transmission from state measurement networks to the German Environment Agency or even in transmission from an individual measuring station to the appropriate monitoring centre. Another cause can be a malfunction of the measuring instruments themselves.

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