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air quality


Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW)

Logo des Programms GAW und der WMO OMM

The Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) Programme of the World Meteorological Organisation, UNO/WMO is a system of global monitoring of the atmosphere. It consists of a worldwide measuring network of observation stations and scientific infrastructure. read more


Indoor air hygiene

livingroom with armchairs, dining table, carpet, lamps, pictures and potted plants

People in developed countries spend the majority of their lives indoors, on average about two thirds in their home. However, the quality of indoor air is not always beneficial to human health. read more


Year of Air 2013

Das Logo zum Jahr der Luft 2013 zeigt eine Pusteblume und den Schriftzug "Jahr der Luft"

This Federal Environment Agency web page offers regularly updated information about air and other topics related to this most important elixir of life. Find out here how air quality has developed and which pollutants are harmful to health. We identify sources of pollution and point out measures to combat it. read more


Air Quality Control in Europe

Industrial installations are only granted a license if model calculations have demonstrated that the emissions of the planned installation will not cause permitted levels of pollutants in ambient air to be exceeded. In Germany, the Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control (Technische Anleitung zur Reinhaltung der Luft, TA Luft) lay down requirements for such model calculations, and similar pr... read more


Quality assurance principles

The quality of emission and ambient air quality measurements is based essentially on a range of programmes to whose implementation science, industry and administrative authorities contribute to different degrees. Recognised measuring and testing institutes deserve particular mention in this context, since they fulfil important tasks.Measurement quality is assured bythe provision of reference measu... read more


The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment