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Water is the basis for the entire biosphere. Ponds, rivers, lakes, wetlands, and oceans are the habitat for myriad plants and animals and are a key component of the ecosystem. Groundwater is at once our main source of drinking water and a habitat. We use water for our food, daily hygiene, and recreational activities. Water also plays a key economic role as an energy source, transportation medium and raw material. Efficient protection and conservation of water resources are crucially important for biodiversity and sustainable use.

Extraneous water within the sewerage system burdens sewage treatm

View into a decrepit sewers sewage plant

About a quarter of the volume of wastewater entering sewage plants for treatment would not have to be treated. This is extraneous water that infiltrates decrepit sewers and blends with “genuine” wastewater. In a project, a group of experts explored how this affects water quality and how sewer rehabilitation can remedy the problem. read more


4th waste water treatment stage financed by waste water charge?

a waste water treatment plant in the city Dresden

The waste water charge could be a viable way to help finance the upgrading of large waste water treatment plants to include a 'fourth treatment stage". A new study has determined that these facilities can reduce micropollutants – pharmaceuticals, for example – which are present in waterbodies. read more


Drinking water

Our bodies are composed of anywhere from 50 to 70 percent water, depending on age. Constant water intake is key to our health, as our bodies lose water throughout the day and night. An adult should normally drink an average of two liters of water daily. read more


International Conference on Marine Litter: Results

a beach full of plastic garbage

The International Marine Litter Conference, jointly organised by UBA and the German Federal Environment Ministry in cooperation with the European Commission, took place in April 2013 to define additional measures and prepare effective actions plans against marine litter. read more


The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment