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    EC plant protection package of measures enters into force

    Environmental protection given support read more

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    Renewable energies and energy efficiency: Key role in climate protection

    Potentials of energy efficiency and renewable energies in international energy underestimated read more

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    UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen: Human health also hinges on its success

    UMID Special Issue: Climate Change and Health read more

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    World Soil Day: More than just dirt under our feet

    "Urban soil" named soil of the year read more

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    25 years since Bhopal chemical accident: mistakes that may not be forgotten

    Federal Environment Agency applauds progress in international chemicals management and urges continued caution read more

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    This is the state of the environment in Germany - Federal Environment Agency breaks it down

    Data on the Environment 2009 published read more

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    Great expectations as Battery Act register goes online

    New battery legislation boosts producer product responsibility read more

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    High participation rate in emissions trading in aviation sector

    German Emissions Trading Authority reviews submitted monitoring schemes read more

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    Eco-friendly and innovative: ”Giving the gift of sun for Christmas again”

    Exhibition at Energiedesign-Center Berlin presents solar-powered everyday products bearing the Blue Angel read more

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    EU Commission honours Federal Environment Agency for exemplary environmental management

    Agency awarded EMAS certification in the category ”public organisations” read more

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    Countdown to Copenhagen

    UN Climate Change Conference mustn’t lose sight of climate change read more

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    How up to the mark in climate protection is my city?

    Free benchmarking procedure for municipal climate protection goes online read more

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    Breakthrough in the fight against biopiracy

    International community wants fairer distribution of the benefits arising from the use of genetic Resources read more

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    New energy savings kit for schools

    Federal Environment Agency updated product now available read more

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    Incentive programme also benefits schools

    Federal Environment Agency lends advice on how to avoid mistakes in school refurbishment job read more

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    In German: Lokale Nachhaltigkeitsstrategien im Spannungsfeld der Praxis

    Dritter Netzwerk21Kongress in Köln eröffnet read more

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    The United Nations - together for global chemicals management

    International SAICM programme  for global security in production, use and disposal of chemicals read more

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    Nanotechnology for mankind and environment - Seize upon opportunities, reduce risks

    Federal Environment Agency with information on environmental aspects read more

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    Climate protection with a safety margin

    Germany able to make 43-percent savings on its greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 read more

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    European chemicals policy

    Federal Environment Agency recommends review of criteria for substances of very high concern read more

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    Climate protection is driving force for employment

    UBA study explores effect of energy efficiency measures in buildings, transport sector and businesses read more

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    Growing interest in cleaning products and detergents with the EU ecolabel

    More manufacturers applying for the EU ecolabel read more

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    106 million tonnes less CO2

    UBA publishes report on emissions saved through use of renewable energies in 2007 read more

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    New: Maps on air quality

    Federal Environment Agency provides new online service read more

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    Experts explain climate change

    New UBA brochure on findings by World Climate Council read more

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    When tags interfere with recycling

    Massive use of Radio-Frequency Identification poses new challenges in separation of waste read more

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    One in every five supermarkets still using refrigerant R 22 and damaging the climate

    Federal grants for quick phase-out read more

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    Kids’ quiz on environment and health

    Playful way to test knowledge read more

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    Sustainable mobility on foot, by bike, bus, and rail

    European Mobility Week from 16 - 22 September 2009 read more

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    Heading for sustainable management

    Federal Environment Agency hosts Natural Resources Day read more

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    In German: Bilder aus dem ewigen Eis

    Expeditionsmalerei von Gerhard Rießbeck im Umweltbundesamt read more

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    Energy-efficient only, please!

    Federal Environment Agency at IFA Berlin - updated Computer, Internet und Co brochure now published read more

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    UBA President praises sustainable tourism and urges continued moves forward

    First Fahrtziel Natur Award presented in Düsseldorf read more

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    Jochen Flasbarth is new head of Federal Environment Agency

    New president assumes office on 1 September read more

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    Chemicals: Public’s reactions to substances of very high concern now welcome

    REACH Regulation provides more involvement and transparency read more

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    Decreasing market share of ecologically advantageous beverage packaging

    Publication of study with 2007 figures for beverages market read more

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    Emissions trading in the aviation sector

    Aircraft operators must move now to secure free certificates in future read more

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    REACH and plastics recycling

    Requirements and recommendations for market stakeholder action read more

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    Chemicals: Federal Environment Agency proposes inclusion of five anthracene oils as subject to EU authorisation

    REACH falls short of expectations so far read more

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    Energy efficiency in electric motors

    Minimum standards resolved to relieve environment and save electricity read more

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    Climate protection: EU sets particularly efficient circulating pumps as standard

    EU-wide regulation will save some 11 million tonnes carbon dioxide annually by 2020 read more

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    Hoarding light bulbs is nonsense

    Energy-saving lamps are always the best choice read more

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    Federal Minister Gabriel congratulates UBA President on retirement

    Gabriel: Prof. Dr. Andreas Troge set standards read more

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    Protecting oceans and seas: Stowaways are in for it now

    Two new ballast water disinfection systems made in Germany granted international recognition read more

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    Helping the environment gain its rights

    50 environmental associations recognised as per Environmental Appeals Act read more

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    The road from Seveso to today - from dioxins to POPs

    33rd anniversary of Seveso chemicals disaster: International chemicals management making progress read more

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    Perfluorinated compounds: Avoid inputs - protect the environment

    Federal Environment Agency proposes threshold values for the sake of environment and health read more

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    New guideline on environmentally friendly procurement of notebooks

    ‘’ procurement website now also featured in English and French read more

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    Blue Angel for improved safety in the children’s room

    Eco-label on untreated wooden toys read more

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    Levels of particulate matter too high in Germany’s urban areas

    Further measures to reduce emissions necessary read more

  • No.
    Youth art about global warming

    Federal Environment Agency launches youth contest in Dessau-Roßlau read more

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    Three countries act in concert for more protection of natural resources

    read more

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    National climate policy: UBA calls for bolder action

    New background paper as Green Week starts read more

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    Environmental health in indoor spaces

    Conference hosted by Federal Ministry for Environment and Federal Environment Agency in Berlin read more

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    Second-time award for family-friendly employer Federal Environment Agency

    "audit berufundfamilie®"certificate gets three-year extension read more

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    Bathing season opened

    New directive for better protection of bathers read more

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    Imports of waste subject to authorisation reach new high

    Federal Environment Agency publishes figures for 2008 read more

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    Climate protection through protection of the oceans

    Federal Environment Agency brochure examines impact of global warming on marine ecosystems read more

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    Experiencing environment and health with all the senses

    New educational materials from the Federal Ministry for Environment read more

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    Bee’s art at Federal Environment Agency

    „Apis Regina” art exhibition opens 11 June 2009 read more

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    Cycling to work - not only on ”Sport and Health Day”

    UBA participates in nationwide campaign launched on 1 June read more

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    Quick response in case of chemical accident

    Citizens to gain access to joint substance database operated by Federal Government and Laender read more

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    What is the state of environmental protection in Germany?

    Updated Environmental Key Indicators now posted on the Internet read more

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    Pollutants in my neighbourhood

    A new register provides quick answers for citizens read more

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    Federal government forest condition survey: Condition of Germany’s forests cause for concern

    Further reduction of pollutant inputs necessary read more

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    For a world free of hazardous chemicals

    Federal Environment Agency applauds progress in international chemicals safety read more

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    Mould in the home

    Federal Environment Agency recommendation: get professional help in clean-up without resorting to disinfectants! read more

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    Bye bye, light bulb! A farewell to an obsolescent model

    Low-energy light bulb: A quick fix for the climate’s sake read more

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    Beware: Not every natural substance in cleansers is healthy or environmentally friendly

    Action day for sustainable (dish) washing on 10 May 2009 read more

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    Power-hungry refrigerators, freezers, and washing machines to disappear from the market

    EU Parliament to resolve new standards for lower energy household appliances read more

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    Noise: Stress starts in childhood

    UBA study identifies transport and leisure activities as frequent sources of noise read more

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    TV sets to consume less energy

    Requirements concerning efficiency and new labelling can reduce energy consumption read more

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    Blue Angel with new requirements of tyres

    Improved braking performance on wet roads, fuel-saving and quieter read more

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    Mitigating the consequences of demographic change

    Liberation from the burden of unnecessary infrastructure and buildings and "weatherising" what is worthy of preservation read more

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    Germany’s drinking water rates ’good’ to ‘very good’

    Quality report for 2005-2007 published read more

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    Emissions trading is a big plus for climate protection in Germany

    Operators produced far lower volume of greenhouse gases in 2008 read more

  • No.
    Climate protection: Greenhouse gas emissions in 2008 at their lowest since 1990

    Germany reaches its Kyoto target read more

  • No.
    Art in the age of global warming

    Performance and opening at the Federal Environment Agency read more

  • No.
    Chemical leasing unburdens environment

    UBA presents ”sustainable chemicals” concept read more

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    Schools: Better learning in healthy air

    Updated guidebook for indoor air hygiene at schools read more

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    More environmentally friendly mobile air conditioning systems needed now

    UBA’s President Troge appeals to automotive industry to go into production of greener cars read more

  • No.
    Green information technology: ecologically and economically superior

    Starting at CeBIT: New consumer advice brochure read more

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    Emissions trading: Certificates for 2009

    Federal Environment Agency credits emissions allowances to traders’ accounts read more

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    Climate change: Federal Environment Agency supports adaptation in Brazil

    Project launch in at-risk north-eastern region read more

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    Not just any fuel allowed in fireplaces or tiled stoves

    Paper briquettes prohibited in small units read more

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    Consumer-minded CO2 labelling for new passenger cars required now

    Consumers in need of better information read more

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    Private sector, political arena and environmental organisations call for re-thinking paper use

    Recycled paper exploits considerable savings potential to protect climate and natural resources read more

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    Environmental Research Plan 2009 now online

    Submission of statements of intent accepted until 27 February read more

  • No.
    Air quality 2008: Caps for particulate matter exceeded once again

    Loads low compared to previous year, yet no grounds for ‘all clear’ signal read more

  • No.
    450 youth visitors at Federal Environment Agency

    Multivision ”Climate & Energy” education project invited to Dessau-Roßlau read more

  • No.
    Green procurement saves cash money

    Products low in energy and raw materials consumption score in ecological and economic terms read more

  • No.
    Environmental protection gains importance as economic factor

    First environmental economic review issued read more

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