Jochen Flasbarth is new head of Federal Environment Agency

New president assumes office on 1 September

A new age is dawning at UBA as the certified economist Mr Jochen Flasbarth, 47, assumes the office of President of Germany’s largest national environmental authority on 1 September 2009.  In early August the Federal Cabinet had unanimously appointed him as successor to Dr. Andreas Troge, who had asked to be retired at the end of July 2009 for health reasons. Flasbarth’s last post was as head of the Nature Conservation and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources Directorate at the Federal Ministry for Environment (BMU). Prior to that he served as director of the NABU (NATURE AND BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION UNION) for eleven years, an association which he modernised. Since the mid-1980s Flasbarth has performed various volunteer duties at a number of environmental organisations, including that of acting as member of the steering committee of the Deutscher Naturschutzring and as founding member of the Verkehrsclub Deutschland (association for sustainable mobility and a major German transport and environmental organisation). As member of the supervisory board at the Wuppertal Institute he cooperated closely on climate and resource protection research projects.


The main focus areas of his environmental policy activities have included nature conservation as well as ecological transport policy, climate protection, and ecological finance policy. ”The key issue of climate protection will continue to demand our attention in the coming years, and the involvement of the transport and agricultural sectors will become more necessary. We may also not lose sight of the many other important areas in environmental protection. What comes to mind first is the economical use of natural resources, sustainable chemicals policy, as well as the issues of environment and health in their many facets—from noise and clean drinking water to clean air and intact soils”, said UBA President Flasbarth.

As an environmental expert Jochen Flasbarth was a member of the National Committee for Sustainable Development convened by then-Minister for Environment Angela Merkel, as well as the National Sustainability Council founded by Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. In the past year Flasbarth played a key role in the success of the UN’s Biodiversity Strategy in Bonn and has since headed the presidency of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. Jochen Flasbarth studied political economy, political science and philosophy at the Universities of Münster and Bonn.


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