Kids’ quiz on environment and health

Playful way to test knowledge

How can I tell if a bathing lake is clean? Why should I air the bath after taking a shower? What is a noise signalling light? Kids (and adults, too!) can now playfully test their knowledge about the environment and health with these and 57 other quiz questions! The lovingly illustrated quiz is available for two age groups: the easier version targets children aged 8 and older, and the more advanced is meant for ages 10 and above. Thanks to its handy playing card format, both games are easily handled by children and fit in almost any trouser pocket. The new quiz can be ordered free of charge. The Federal Environment Agency is happy to ship entire classroom sets to schools and educators.


”Children should learn from the start how the environment affects their own health and what they themselves can do to protect against environment-related health risks”, said Jochen Flasbarth, President of the Federal Environment Agency. The new quiz provides knowledge in an age-appropriate way about topics such as proper sun protection, healthy air at home and school, or other need-to-know information about clean bathing waters or noise. Children may design two cards of their own with questions and answers, thus making the games well-suited for providing a change of pace to school lessons.

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