UBA at climate change summit: Retailers for climate protection

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13 textile and footwear retailers want to reduce carbon emissions in the supply chain
Source: giovanni cardinali / Fotolia.com

Given the worldwide rapidly increasing CO2 emissions, leading brands and retailers call for stronger climate protection at the Climate Summit in Warsaw.

Together, companies of the textile and shoe industry, scientifically supported by the German Federal Environment Agency, have formed the “Carbon Performance Improvement Initiative” (CPI2) in order to reduce climate-damaging CO2 emissions in the global production facilities of consumer goods.

On 19 November 2013 the initiative was presented at a Side Event organized by the German Federal Environment Agency at the UN Climate Summit in Warsaw.

Climate Change Conference Warsaw 2013, Side Event CPI2

  1. UBA President Flasbarth and head of UBA department "Products" Dr. Evelyn Hagenah at the Side Event