Green public procurement:

What does green public procurement mean?

Each year, German contracting authorities purchase around €300 billion worth of products ranging from pencils to city buses. This massive purchasing power can potentially be used to reduce environmental pollution, improve environmental product and service range, and promote more targeted market launches of innovative eco-friendly products.


Green public procurement …

… helps to protect climate and environment 

Eco-friendly products help to protect the climate and reduce natural resource use, contain a lesser amount of harmful substances, and engender a lower level of environmentally harmful emissions. The greatest contribution to climate protection is achieved when products are used as long as possible. Notebook computers and smartphones that have the Blue Angel Ecolabel meet the requirements for a long service life. In that they can readily be repaired and their rechargeable batteries are replaceable. 

… pays off 

For example, the use of city buses with low fuel consumption or energy-efficient equipment results in lower costs. The amount of such cost savings can be readily determined during the tender evaluation process by simply factoring in life cycle costs. Durable products also help cut back on public expenditures. 

… is better for health 

For example, low emission floor coverings reduce the levels of harmful substances in indoor air. Low-noise printers and computers are also good for users’ health. 

… sets a good example

By making environmental protection one of the pillars of their procurement policies, government can lead the way. Setting such examples can potentially prompt both companies and consumers to opt for green alternatives. 

… is a driver of ecological innovation 

Environmentally friendly procurement helps to launch environmentally friendly products and services on the market. These are often new products and services that make an important contribution to the ecological modernization of the economy and create markets and jobs for the future. 

New manual for public authorities on combating climate change

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The state and its administration have an important role to play in protecting the climate. That is why many public authorities have set themselves the goal of becoming greenhouse gas-neutral. The guide describes the path to a greenhouse gas-neutral administration with the help of nine stages, gives recommendations and makes implementation on site easier with many practical examples. read more

Promoting green products and services: how it works

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Increasing numbers of customers are paying attention to products’ environmental compatibility. How can and should businesses draw attention to the environmental benefits of their products? When can a product be described as "water-saving” or “recyclable”, for instance? read more

Blue Angel: New requirements for mobile phones and textiles

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The catalogues of criteria of the Blue Angel for textiles and mobile phones has been overhauled and approved by the Environmental Label Jury. Changes include details and additional requirements of the working conditions at the manufacturing site. Manufacturers may now apply for the ecolabel on their products. read more

The Umweltbundesamt

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