Farming Futures

Background and Goals

Farming Futures is a collaborative project that provides online information on the challenges and opportunities of climate change for farmers. Short reports on relevant topics suggest suitable adaptation and mitigation measures. In addition, the Case Studies category in the "Library" section contains reports on real-life application scenarios.

Content time

Research area/region

  • Great Britain

Steps in the process of adaptation to climate change

Step 1: Understand and describe climate change

Time horizon
  • short term = next year’s / decades

Step 2a: Identify and assess risks - climate effects and impact

Approach and results 

The climate effects on various sectors and topics are presented in the form of short "factsheets", e.g., for water management, livestock farming, grain cops, forestry, etc.

Step 2b: Identify and assess risks - Vulnerability, risks and chances

Approach and results 

Vulnerability is also briefly addressed for the various agricultural sectors, within the framework of the factsheets.

Urgency and priorization of adaptation needs 

A high need for action was determined. In September 2008, 60% of farmers surveyed in England as part of this project said they were already affected by climate change and 63% expected to be affected in the next ten years.

Step 3: Develop and compare measures

Measures and/or strategies 

The suitable adaptation measures for various sectors of agriculture are presented together with the climate effects in the form of factsheets. The aim is to show farmers the opportunities and challenges of the climate change for their business, as well as to make recommendations for adaptation measures in the various areas.


Funding / Financing 

Climate Challenge Fund of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)

Project management 

Forum for the Future


National Farmers Union;
Country Land and Business Association;
Agriculture and Horticulture Research Forum;
Agricultural Industries Confederation;
Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (defra)


Overseas HouseForum for the future
19-23 Ironmonger Row
EC1V 3QN London
United Kingdom

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