Air pollutants still a health burden

386 measuring stations; particulate matter (PM 10) daily mean value: exceedance of EU limit value 3%, WHO guideline 98% and 2% no exceedances; particulate matter (PM 10) daily mean value: exceedance of WHO guideline 51%, 49% no exceedancesClick to enlarge
Exceedance of particulate matter limit PM10
Source: Umweltbundesamt

Nitrogen dioxide and particulates in particular still had an impact on air quality and on human health in Germany in 2013.

The high levels of nitrogen dioxide pollution measured in previous years remained unchanged. More than half of the stations in urban areas near traffic measured exceedances of the allowable annual mean of 40 micrograms (μg) nitrogen dioxide (NO2) per cubic metre (m3) air. Particulates also continued to exceed limit values. Compared to earlier years, 2013 was nevertheless a year which registered some of the lowest levels of pollution. This is no reason for an all clear signal, says Thomas Holzmann, Vice-President of UBA. "The particulate limit value was only exceeded at about three per cent of all measuring stations, which although it may seem low does not accurately reflect the health impact of particulates on public health, especially in consideration of the much stricter air quality guidelines recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).” read more

Air quality 2013

  1. Exceedance of particulate matter limit PM10
  2. Premature deaths from selected diseases traceable to particulate exposure (2011)
  3. Proportion of particulate matter