Because the cornerstones of environmental awareness are laid during childhood, we’re always glad to see schoolteachers addressing environmental and health issues in the classroom. We gladly provide schoolteachers with free instructional materials, children’s books and games. Or you can take your pupils on a class trip to our environmental library. We have also drawn up guidelines concerning sustainable mobility and indoor air quality and other matters, with the goal of keeping pupils and their teachers healthy.

Press release on Air and Health

Coronavirus protection in schools: Airing rooms for five minutes, every 20 minutes

a virus in a close-up foto

The German Environment Agency (UBA) has drafted some helpful guidance for the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in Germany (KMK) on proper airing practices in schools. The handbook reflects the UBA experts' recommendations on indoor air hygiene and how proper ventilation in schools can reduce the risk of infection with the novel coronavirus. read more

Press release on Climate | Energy and Economy | Consumption

German diet is a strain on the climate

Eine Vielzahl von abgepacktem und rohem Fleisch

Meat and non-seasonal produce with long hauling distances in particular continue to be a strain on the environment and the climate, according to data in the Umwelt, Haushalte und Konsum brochure by the German Environment Agency (UBA). UBA's President Maria Krautzberger said, "We will only be able to achieve our climate protection goals if we reconsider our consumer habits in earnest." read more

The Umweltbundesamt

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