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    CO2 pricing for emissions in heating and transport sectors to start in new year in Germany

    National emissions trading system for fuels creates more incentive for climate protection read more

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    Resolute environmental protection will save society many billions of euros

    German Environment Agency provides new cost rates for environmental damage read more

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    Coronavirus pandemic and stormy February lead to increase in share of renewable energies in electricity supply sector in Germany

    In the second half of 2020, electricity generation from renewable energies was only slightly above 2019 level read more

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    Climate impact of online retail and stationary trade depends on the product

    Reusable shipping packaging, better product information and electric mobility can make online retail more climate friendly read more

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    Fireworks produce 2,050 tonnes of particulate matter per year

    Particulate matter air pollution is especially high on New Year's Day read more

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    Ninth year of Federal Ecodesign Award for forward-looking projects

    read more

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    750 experts discuss new PFAS research and strategies

    International expert conference on poly- and perfluorinated alkyl substances read more

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    Invisible Waste – waste that is out of sight

    European Week for Waste Reduction 2020 enters 11th edition read more

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    Using coronavirus stimulus packages to enhance climate action

    Conference to discuss opportunities for transformation after the coronavirus crisis read more

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    Packaging waste: Online marketplaces must be subject to better oversight

    Online platforms to cooperate on ensuring compliance with Packaging Act read more

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    Coronavirus in schools: Air purifiers alone are not enough – room ventilation is still key

    Indoor Air Hygiene Commission takes stand on air purifiers at schools read more

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    Climate change adaptation in Germany – specialist conference on strategies to counter heat, drought and heavy rainfall

    Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze and UBA President Professor Dirk Messner honour winners of Blauer Kompass contest at specialist conference on German Adaptation Strategy read more

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    Linking climate change mitigation and resource conservation more closely

    5th European Resources Forum discusses synergies read more

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    EU climate targets: 60 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 is possible, German Environment Agency says

    Speedy reform of EU emissions trading scheme and more decarbonization in buildings and transport sectors necessary read more

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    Further increase in packaging consumption in 2018 in Germany

    Systems for reusables and recycling need to be expanded read more

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    Federal Government adopts action plan for a climate resilient Germany

    Federal Environment Ministry to fund first-time adaptation measures in social facilities read more

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    Coronavirus protection in schools: Airing rooms for five minutes, every 20 minutes

    German Environment Agency: Window ventilation is most efficient way to ensure low virus concentration of indoor air read more

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    Schulze: Germany needs a national water strategy

    National water dialogue develops recommendations for the future of water in Germany read more

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    Schulze: "Human biomonitoring should become an instrument of European chemicals policy"

    Comparison of human exposure to chemicals must be improved read more

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    Who will be the winners of the Federal Ecodesign Award 2020?

    Jury nominates 28 projects, awards ceremony on 30 November at BMU read more

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    30 years of unified Germany: a plus for the environment too

    Air, water and soil much cleaner – climate change remains greatest challenge read more

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    European Mobility Week: Zero-emission mobility for all

    93 towns and cities in Germany show how fairer mobility works (16-22 September) read more

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    Broad alliance launches “Biotonne Deutschland“ campaign to promote biowaste collection

    read more

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    Current transport policy puts people with low income at a disadvantage

    Environmentally friendly turnaround in transport can reduce social inequalities read more

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    Video streaming: data transmission technology crucial for climate footprint

    Fibre optic video transmission is nearly 50 times more efficient than UMTS read more

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    Infrasound at or under perception threshold does not cause acute physical reactions

    UBA experimental study does prove annoyance effect read more

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    Loud motorcycles and cars becoming annoying

    Even compliant new vehicles prove to be much too loud in practical tests read more

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    Proper airing reduces risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection

    Indoor Air Hygiene Commission at the German Environment Agency issues recommendations for schools and other indoor spaces read more

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    Rodent control measures are contaminating fish

    Rodenticide use in sewer systems causes extensive water pollution read more

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    Renewable energy in Germany continues growth trend

    Lots of sunshine and a very windy February generated more green electricity in first six months of 2020 than same period in 2019 read more

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    Residual waste in Germany has nearly halved in 35 years

    Still too much biowaste and recyclables are discarded with household waste read more

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    Integrating environmental protection in legislation on global supply chains

    UBA study outlines how to implement corporate environmental and human rights due diligence obligations read more

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    Electrical and electronic waste: Germany misses EU collection rate of 45 percent by a narrow margin

    Consumer return options provide too little incentive – a need for network of collection points and more publicity read more

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    Federal Governments offsetting emissions of all official travel and during Germany's EU Council Presidency

    read more

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    Environment and agriculture in dialogue

    Agricultural stakeholders meet with German Environment Agency in Dessau-Roßlau read more

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    PFAS excessively high in blood of children and adolescents in Germany

    21 percent of samples exceed HBM I value for PFOA – UBA working to enact EU-wide restriction on their use read more

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    Germany assumes chairmanship of Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission (HELCOM)

    German Environment Agency’s Lilian Busse appointed as chairwoman read more

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    Plant-based meat substitute with best environmental performance

    UBA paper looks at future prospects of meat substitutes made from plants, insects and in the lab. read more

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    Art exhibition 25 June – 8 November 2020 read more

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    Cleaner air in cities: number of cities above the NO2 limit is halved in 2019

    Final measurement data on nitrogen dioxide pollution provide evidence of reduction read more

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    Clean bathing waters, but the fun has its limits

    Nearly all bathing waters in Germany have highest quality marks – Covid-19 pandemic putting a damper on bathing read more

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    Asbestos in buildings still a problem

    New guideline offers advice, also aimed at non-specialists and do-it-yourselfers read more

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    Emissions trading: German installations generated 14 percent less CO2 emissions in 2019

    EU emissions trading reform showing results read more

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    Emerge more sustainable from the coronavirus pandemic

    UBA presents 15-point plan to restart the economy, focusing on energy and mobility read more

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    German Environment Agency enhances its air quality app

    Now featuring ozone forecast in addition to up-to-date air quality data – optimised tablet version available read more

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    National alliance champions more use of the bio-bin

    "Aktion Biotonne Deutschland" campaign promoting biowaste collection helps municipalities provide waste disposal advice read more

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    Employment numbers in environmental protection sector rising steadily

    Use economic stimulus packages for environmentally friendly investments read more

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    Federal contest prize for environmental building: "UMWELT & BAUEN"

    Deadline extended to 22 May 2020 read more

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    CO2 emissions per kilowatt hour of electricity in further decline in 2019

    Germany exports more electricity than it imports read more

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    Nomination of climate change adaptation projects

    Blauer Kompass 2020 contest: Online voting for audience award has started read more

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    UBA names water body type of the year 2020

    Coarse substrate-dominated, calcareous small highland river – "good" status is seldom read more

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    Renewables cover 17.1 percent of gross final energy consumption in Germany in 2019

    Record share of 42.1 percent on electricity market - stagnation in heating and transport read more

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    2019 greenhouse gas emissions in Germany declined by 6.3 percent

    Energy sector slashes emissions, growth in building and transport sectors read more

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    Slight decline in Germany's air pollutant emissions

    Level of ammonia emissions from agriculture remains too high read more

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    Speed limits on motorways clearly cut down CO2 emissions

    German Environment Agency calculates CO2 savings brought by speed limits on federal motorways read more

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    German environmental industry remains strong

    But global market position at risk – patent applications and share of exports shrinking read more

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    Art and the environment “Zero Waste” exhibition in Leipzig

    read more

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    Many bisphenol A alternatives may be endocrine disruptive

    New UBA study: only one tested substitute shows no evidence of hormone-mimicking effects read more

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    Air quality 2019: Trend in NO2 decline continues

    A number of cities still exceeding NO2 limit – concentrations of particulates appear in compliance, high ozone peaks read more

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    Youth study: Climate action and environmental protection are popular among young people

    read more

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    German Sustainable Building Award launched

    BMU and UBA to award first national prize for sustainable buildings, neighbourhoods and ecological innovation read more

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    Federal Ecodesign Award 2020: Contest entries welcome from mid-January through April

    read more

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    Professor Dirk Messner is new President of the German Environment Agency

    Environment minister Schulze: “Strong environmental policy requires independent scientific expertise with vision” read more

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