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    Preventing, detecting and cleaning up mould

    UBA mould manual offers tips and advice on treating mould growth in buildings read more

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    Market shares for green products growing – yet CO2 emissions in consumer sector remain unchanged

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    Environmental industry still a key economic factor

    Competitive pressure grows, share of exports shrinks read more

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    Wanted: success stories in civic participation!

    Contest for exemplary civic participation kicks off read more

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    Rethinking it: Winners of the 6th German Ecodesign Award

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    More flower strips and fallow land needed for protection of insects and birds

    Legal opinion: Authorisation procedure must take better account of indirect impacts on biodiversity read more

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    Household appliance repair costs should be made tax-deductible

    UBA presents 7-point strategy against obsolescence for European Week for Waste Reduction read more

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    Environmental availability of raw materials

    Environmental risks are the supply risks of the future read more

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    European Mobility Week: “Sharing gets you further“

    More than 2,000 towns and cities across Europe host activities from 16-22 September to promote change in mobility read more

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    Round Table Against Marine Litter goes into round two

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    Who has the best ecodesign in Germany?

    20 submissions nominated – award presentation on 27 November read more

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    Urban Mining

    Raw materials sources on our doorsteps read more

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    Emissions trading: EEX holds 500th German auction of emission allowances

    Auctions established as a cornerstone of the European Emissions Trading System read more

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    Diesel cars: Software updates are not enough for clean air

    Hendricks and Krautzberger: Grant the switchover premium to clean vehicles only read more

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    Federal employees continue to travel climate-friendly

    German Environment Agency issues tender procedure to offset 2016 business travel read more

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    Good indoor air quality is in jeopardy

    German Environment Agency publishes What matters 2017 read more

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    Sustainable supply chain management, step by step

    Best practice guide helps companies strengthen sustainability and transparency in supply chains read more

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    Public health in the course of climate change: Master plan for heat waves

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    Too much fertiliser: drinking water could become more expensive

    Price increase of up to 45 per cent expected read more

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    Data on the Environment 2017: More climate protection action required

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    Fresh perspectives! Art – Culture – Science – in dialogue with sustainable development policy

    UBA announces recipients of "Artist in Residence" programme on the Isle of Vilm read more

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    Germany's bathing waters are clean machines

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    International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre (ISC3) launched

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    "Mobile" chemicals - when filters become useless

    German Environment Agency wants better protection of drinking water against "mobile" contaminants read more

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    One in five Germans suffers from railway noise – unnecessarily

    Composite brake blocks for quieter freight trains are a first step and must be followed by more read more

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    Nitrogen pollution from diesel-fuelled cars even higher than suspected

    Euro 6 class diesel vehicles' nitrous oxide emissions are six times higher than allowed read more

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    Hendricks: "Germany must reduce its ecological footprint to a tolerable level"

    International conference discusses concept of planetary boundaries read more

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    Most Germans want to be less dependent on their car

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    Emissions trading: Emissions reductions in Germany only minimal

    Energy sector cuts emissions by 0.9 per cent – industrial emissions virtually unchanged read more

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    Future-fit city: Much more money needed for buses and trains

    Only a systematic phase-out of subsidies will free up enough money to make local public transport attractive read more

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    Land take: Make goals binding

    UBA recommends a quota system and land certificate trading scheme read more

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    Water body type 2017

    The deep, big, lime-deficient highland area lake – 80 per cent have “good” status read more

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    Climate footprint 2016: Transport sector and cool weather cause spike in emissions

    Nearly 4 million tons more greenhouse gases emissions than in 2015 – transport sector tops 1990 levels read more

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    Deep sea mining: Germany lobbying for high environmental standards

    International experts consult on deep sea mining of raw materials read more

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    "Wounds" have healed – Water quality of mine lakes has good status

    Lignite ranks poorest in environmental performance read more

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    Heat pumps and the like: low-frequency hum annoys a growing number of people

    German Environment Agency guideline has information read more

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    Federal Government business travel remains climate neutral

    Operators of climate protection projects worldwide are eligible to apply for offsetting procedure read more

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    Air quality 2016: Nitrogen dioxide still the top pollutant

    Lower levels of particulate and ozone pollution read more

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    2015 greenhouse gas emissions indicate a slight decrease for second year in a row

    The Energiewende showing signs of success – emissions in transport sector remain stagnant read more

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    Convincing design, not short-lived disposable goods

    German Federal Ecodesign Award 2017 on the lookout for smart ideas for the future read more

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    Pace of environmentally harmful subsidies phase-out continues to falter

    57 billion euros in costs borne by taxpayers read more

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