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    Despite financial crisis: German public demands more climate protection

    85 percent expect resolute switch to renewable energies read more

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    Federal Environment Agency expects EU to do more to protect climate

    Community should agree on 30-percent reduction read more

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    Packaging materials 2008: Recycling rates rose, consumption declined

    UBA publishes study on packaging wastes in Germany read more

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    Balancing emissions - protecting the climate

    Federal Environment Agency publishes two studies on voluntary carbon offsetting read more

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    Mercury from burst energy saving lamps

    Random sampling by Federal Environment Agency reveals elevated indoor air pollution - more measurements necessary read more

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    Global warming: Pioneers of change wanted!

    Federal Ministry for Environment and Federal Environment Agency launch contest read more

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    Extreme weather events require precautions and adaptation

    German Environment Ministry discusses health impacts of climate change read more

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    International regulation of fluorinated greenhouse gases

    Federal Environment Agency publishes report showing real ways to phase them out read more

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    Everyone - environment, economy, and consumers - stands to gain from conserving resources

    Federal Statistical Office and Federal Environment Agency publish new data and research results on raw materials efficiency read more

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    Institution of Agriculture Commission of Federal Environment Agency

    9-member team of experts consults on conservation and agriculture read more

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    A nod to biomass, but not at the expense of biodiversity and climate protection

    Federal Environment Agency presents long-term strategy for sustainable use of biomass read more

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    Federal Environment Agency bans corrosive detergent "Por Çöz"

    UBA and BfR protecting consumers from descaler and rust remover high in nitric acid content read more

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    Less pollution from fireplaces and tiled stoves

    Updated UBA brochure on wood-fired heating with information on new regulations and low-emissions operation read more

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    Germany’s ecolabel goes on the offensive

    UBA President Flasbarth calls for more industry initiatives to reach climate protection goals read more

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    Going all out to protect the climate

    New UBA brochure shows how climate-conscious citizens can lead by example in their daily lives read more

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    Federal Environment Minister Röttgen and Environment Agency President Flasbarth: Data on human exposure to pollutants urgently needed

    Human Biomonitoring is an important instrument of health related environmental protection read more

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    Efficient sewage technology reduces CO2 emissions and saves energy

    More funding for state-of-the-art engineering in waste water treatment read more

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    Environmental chemists discuss alternatives to animal testing and eco-toxic chemicals

    Largest German-language conference of environmental chemists and eco-toxicologists begins in Dessau-Roßlau read more

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    Climate change: Average temperatures on the rise, more hot days

    General warming trend forces early adaptation to extreme weather read more

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    Federal Environment Agency favours carbon dioxide in air conditioning systems

    Tetrafluoropropene more damaging to climate and environment read more

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    Climate protection requires greater investment in rail freight transport sector!

    UBA study explores effect of energy efficiency measures in buildings, transport sector and businesses read more

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    Producers of energy-saving lamps must use Blue Angel eco-label

    vzbv and UBA call for better quality - merchants must simplify take-back of4 used lamps read more

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    Trailblazer for the environment in Germany

    Profile: Founding President of Federal Environment Agency, Prof. Dr. Heinrich Freiherr von Lersner, turns 80 read more

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    Energy goal for 2050: 100% renewable electricity supply

    New UBA study shows that electricity supplied entirely from renewable energies is realistic read more

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    New ordinance on small firing installations to ensure improved air quality

    Research project calculates reduction of particulates, develops particulate calculator for residential areas read more

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    Unadulterated swimming fun

    Good water quality in Germany’s bathing waters read more

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    Import of waste requiring authorisation continues at high rate

    Federal Environment Agency publishes statistics for 2009 read more

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    Tin can makes a comeback: very much an offside trap for consumers

    Reusables are the better option - during the World Cup, too read more

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    Fluorinated fire-fighting foams protect - not the environment though

    Federal Environment Agency, Fire Protection Association and fire departments publish flyer on ecological application read more

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    Bisphenol A - a chemical with adverse effects produced in large quantities

    Current background paper by the Federal Environment Agency read more

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    Federal Environment Agency: Unecological subsidies cost 48 billion euros

    Relieve budget, protect environment - Federal Environment Agency presents report on subsidies read more

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    Carsharing: Relieves environment, saves costs

    New brochure with examples of commercial implementation read more

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    Biological diversity requires environmental protection

    New UBA special issue points out ways to conservation of species read more

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    Lethal food: Plastic waste in the oceans

    Oil as well as waste is destroying the oceans read more

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    Invitation to a virtual journey through time from the Federal Environment Agency

    History of the Federal Environment Agency in pictures, words, and sound - new website read more

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    Climate bonus for household budgets: 35 percent energy savings on washing possible

    Day for sustainable (dish) washing on 10 May 2010 read more

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    Made possible by bottle deposit: less pollution, more recycling

    Study commissioned by UBA evaluates compulsory bottle deposit read more

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    Environmental Specimen Bank: Looking for evidence in Germany’s environmental archive

    New web application provides comprehensive information read more

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    Federal administration declares ‘GreenIT RZ-Benchmarking’ the lighthouse project of 2010

    Recognition for Federal Environment Agency read more

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    Emissions trading: Class-action suits against Federal Environment Agency dismissed

    Cuts made in allocation procedure deemed legitimate - single coal benchmark is not a breach of EU law read more

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    Environmental Research Plan 2010 now online

    Declarations of interest to be made by 30 April read more

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    Emissions trading: 9.4 percent lower CO2 emissions in 2009

    Lowest level since 2005 - Emissions trading proves itself despite crisis read more

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    Global treaty on biopiracy in sight

    United Nations agree on draft protocol read more

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    Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for Andreas Troge

    Former President of UBA celebrated for life work read more

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    In a nutshell: Transport and its environmental impact

    Federal Environment Agency issues concise collection of data read more

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    World Water Day: Water quality must improve!

    Federal Environment Agency evaluation of water protection plans  read more

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    Small combustion plants ordinance enters into force on 22 March 2010

    Ordinance lays foundation for a long-term reduction in dust pollution read more

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    UBA calls for 100 percent coverage of electricity supply by renewable energies

    UBA President Flasbarth: "Complete switch to renewable energies is feasible" read more

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    More climate-friendly holiday travel

    Federal Environment Agency recommends preventing greenhouse gas production, suggests voluntary compensation as alternative read more

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    Climate protection: 2009 shows 8.4% decline in greenhouse gas emissions

    Economic crisis causes biggest slump in emissions since foundation of the Federal Republic read more

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    Export of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE): plenty of gold, and poison, too

    Röttgen and Flasbarth: Study shows need for action to promote ecological recycling read more

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    CeBIT 2010: Protecting climate and resources with Green IT

    Eco-design, longer use and high-standard recycling are keys to success read more

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    Aircraft noise causes illness

    Study at Cologne-Bonn airport points to heightened risk of cardiovascular ailments owing to night-time aircraft noise read more

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    New energy saving seal divulges power guzzlers

    COMPUTERBILD launches electricity savings campaign / Consumer guidance in choosing electricity-saving appliances / Federal Environment Agency and No-Energy support campaign / Need for action as EU electricity-saving seal is still outstanding / Praise from read more

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    Fast, simple and competent: 1,400 producers already logged in Battery Act register

    Fines for latecomers likely after 1 March 2010 read more

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    Emissions trading: Emissions allowances for 2010

    Federal Environment Agency issues emissions allowances for the new trading year read more

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    Federal Environment Agency: Possible safety risks in mobile air conditioning systems?

    New tests with refrigerant HFC-1234yf confirm hazards associated with use read more

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    Stepping up for environmental protection

    Federal Environment Agency publishes annual Schwerpunkte 2010 read more

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    Phishing attack on emissions trading accounts

    read more

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    Germany met its Kyoto Protocol climate protection obligations in 2008

    read more

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    How clean is the air in Germany?

    Particulate matter concentrations also high in 2009- nitrogen dioxide pollution exceeds cap set as of 2010 read more

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    Germany’s waste industry does its bit to protect climate

    Presenting joint study by BMU, UBA and BDE read more

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