Joint press release with the German Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for Andreas Troge

Former President of UBA celebrated for life work

Federal President Horst Köhler has awarded Dr. Andreas Troge, former President of the Federal Environment Agency (UBA), with the Order of Merit 1st Class of the Federal Republic of Germany. Federal Minister for Environment Dr. Norbert Röttgen presented Troge with the order of merit in Berlin today.  “The focus of all Andreas Troge’s actions was always to protect our natural means of livelihood, to protect and sustain our environment. He always proved  non-partisan and ever focused on the demands of effective environmental protection. This also meant at times he had to speak some uncomfortable truths - sometimes scandalizing public opinion and triggering debates, which only promoted the cause. He was one of the first actors in German environmental politics to declare that economy and ecology are not a contradiction in terms. On the contrary, today both go hand in hand and prove to be the right answers to meeting the challenges of the future.  We owe him thanks and recognition for his work“, said Röttgen.


A native Berliner, Troge, 59, headed Germany’s largest environmental public office for nearly 14 years.  As an economist with a Ph.D. he started at UBA in 1990 as Vice President. In 1995 he became director of the Agency, which then had a staff of about 1,400. His first contact to UBA was in 1981, when he served as a surveyor for the Agency. He acted as environmental advisor for the Federation of German Industries (BDI) until the mid-1990s and went on to become general manager of the Institut für gewerbliche Wasserwirtschaft und Luftreinhaltung in Cologne.

In addition to his work at UBA, Troge started as lecturer in environmental economics at the University of Bayreuth in 1993, where he had done his Ph.D. in 1981. He was appointed honorary professor there in 1996. His research area focus included theoretical and practical environmental economics as well as the theory and practice of economic orders. His major concern during his tenure at the Agency was to shed light for ordinary citizens on the often complex connections between environmental policy and ecological issues.


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