Federal Environment Agency expects EU to do more to protect climate

Community should agree on 30-percent reduction

Following the UN Climate Conference in Cancun, the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) believes that greater efforts to protect the climate are both necessary and feasible in the European Union (EU).  “The 20-percent GHG reduction target set to date is not an ambitious climate protection goal.  Other EU members should follow the lead set by Germany’s ambitious goal of reducing emissions by 40 percent and seek to establish a 30-percent reduction for Europe,” said UBA President Jochen Flasbarth. In so doing, the EU could live up to the responsibility and role as driving force that it has assumed in the group of industrialised states and raise the bar on reduction commitments. “We are on the cusp of a crucial year of negotiations in climate protection. Cancun has provided opportunities that must be pursued aggressively.  If the EU does not give clear signs that it is taking this new opportunity seriously, Europe will forfeit its chance to design and determine the future of climate protection,” continued Flasbarth.

UBA believes that the repeated calls made by German Federal Minister for Environment Dr. Norbert Röttgen to raise the EU climate protection goal to 30 percent  are feasible and make economic sense as well. According to studies done by UBA, greater efforts to protect the climate can be made without suffering economic loss.  If the positive impact on the labour market as well as prevented future costs to environment and public health are taken into the calculation, the costs of more climate protection compare favourably to the present hesitant course of action set. “More climate protection means more jobs, and in light of the signs sent at Cancun,  greater opportunities on global markets”, explained UBA President Flasbarth.

An increase of the EU climate protection goal to 30 percent would also enable EU emissions trading as a more effective instrument.

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