German Environment Agency


Mission Statement

atrium with a glass roof, bridgesElongated inner courtyard with glass roof, skywalks linking two sides of the building, greenery and water basin

What is our take on ourselves and our work? What are our goals and how can we fulfill them? Our Mission Statement addresses these issues. read more


Division III

Dr. Bettina Rechenberg

Division III investigates a host of issues, including the following: How can production processes be made greener? How can natural resources be conserved? read more


Division IV

Dr. Jutta Klasen in front of a green wall

Division IV is tasked with chemical safety. We endeavour to protect the public and the environment against hazardous chemicals, to which end we investigate and assess environmentally harmful substances and preparations. When potential hazards come to light, we devise risk reduction measures, which can involve banning the use and/or manufacture of a particular substance. read more


Environmental guidelines

the Federal Environment Agency´s office building from above with its solar cells on the roof

We feel that it is essential that we at the UBA set a good example when it comes to environmental protection. And so we have set ourselves the goal of ensuring that we as an institution adhere to our own environmental guidelines, ranging from using recycled paper for office printers to building energy saving office buildings. read more

The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment