Welcome Speech
Maria Krautzberger, President, German Environment Agency (UBA) 


Setting the agenda
Dr. Harry Lehmann, Head of Division I, German Environment Agency (UBA)

Resource footprint of a renewable energy system

The „Energiewende“ in Germany – Does Decarbonisation lead to Dematerialisation?
Klaus Wiesen, Project Coordinator Sustainable Production and Consumption, Wuppertal Institute

Material requirements for low carbon technology- implications for supply needs and resource policy
Prof. Andrea Ramirez, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Delft University of Technology 

On the integrated climate impact of resources and energy extraction and use in society
Prof. Harald Sverdrup, Iceland University

Bottleneck materials for the deployment of low-carbon technologies in the EU
Darina Blagoeva, Directorate C – Energy, Transport and Climate, JRC

Resource footprint of a greenhouse gas neutral mobility system

Deployment of electric vehicles and support policies
Marine Gorner, Transport analyst, International Energy Agency

Material needs for greenhouse gas neutral mobility systems
Dr. Matthias Buchert, Head of Division Resources & Transport, Öko-Institute

LCA of different vehicle technologies with a look at future trends
Dr. Andrea Del Duce, Life Cycle Analyst, Quantis

Documentation of main conference discussions


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