Ways to energy-efficient urban redevelopment: documents online

City district in UtenaClick to enlarge
City district in Utena, Lithuania
Source: Stadtverwaltung Utena

From 2015 to 2017, the Advisory Assistance Programme funded a project of Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (IWO), which provided advice to the Lithuanian Ministry of Environment on development and implementation of approaches for energy-efficient redevelopment of urban areas. The documentation is now online. A brochure and a leaflet facilitate the transfer of knowledge also beyond Lithuania.

Together with the Housing Energy Efficiency Agency of Lithuania (BETA), instruments and experiences of an integrated redevelopment of cities and urban areas from Germany, particularly from the KfW programme “Energy-efficient urban redevelopment” were compiled to facilitate the exchange of knowledge in Lithuania and beyond. The outcome of this collaboration comprise, among others, recommendations of the Government of Lithuania which for the purpose to improve energy efficiency turn the focus of urban redevelopment in Lithuania for the first time on urban quarters and neighbourhoods instead of single buildings only. In addition to this, three exemplary concepts for energy-efficient redevelopment of selected urban areas in the municipalities of Šiauliai (a large city), Utena (a medium-sized city) and Birštonas (a small town) have been developed.

For the transfer of knowledge also beyond Lithuania, the brochure entitled “Integrated urban and energy-efficient development in Germany” summarises approach and instruments from Germany and derives recommendations. The leaflet entitled “Integrated Strategies for Energy-Efficient Urban Development – A brief manual” aims to help municipalities initiate the development of integrated strategies for energy-efficient urban redevelopment.