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Climate protection and clean air: Polish-German city cooperation

modern tramway in the city

Climate protection and better air quality are important issues in cities in both Poland and Germany. In an advisory assistance project of the German Federal Environment Ministry and the UBA, the exchange of experiences and collaboration between municipalities in Germany and Poland as well as other key stakeholders was intensified for the transition to a low-emissions economy. read more

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Paths to energy-efficient urban development: resources now online

City district in Utena

From 2015 to 2017, the Advisory Assistance Programme funded a project of Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (IWO), which provided advice to the Lithuanian Ministry of Environment on development and implementation of approaches for energy-efficient redevelopment of urban areas. The documentation is now online. A brochure and a leaflet facilitate the transfer of knowledge also beyond Lithuania. read more

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Mining in Mongolia to become more environmentally friendly

Spoil from the Erdenet copper mine is dumped outside the mining town.

Mongolia is one of the richest countries worldwide in terms of raw materials. Mining is a major industry but mining activities, increasing steadily since the 1990s, are causing environmental problems. An advisory assistance project organized by UBA is answering a call from the Mongolian Ministry for Environment & Tourism to exchange experience and to deepen German-Mongolian cooperation. read more

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