Climate protection and clean air: Polish-German city cooperation

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Low-emissions mobility is a challenge in cities in Germany and Poland.
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Climate protection and better air quality are important issues in cities in both Poland and Germany. In an advisory assistance project of the German Federal Environment Ministry and the UBA, the exchange of experiences and collaboration between municipalities in Germany and Poland as well as other key stakeholders was intensified for the transition to a low-emissions economy.

During workshops and field trips, the municipalities learned about measures to support this transition. The key topics were renewable energies, energy efficiency, mobility, urban planning and participation. Four German-Polish city partnerships extended their cooperation through an exchange of expert knowledge and experiences as well as with joint projects. In a coaching session, 13 Polish municipalities reflected with experts on the planning and implementation of their low-emission projects. Representatives from politics, academia and civil society discussed the benefits of climate mitigation measures for cities as well as strategies to reduce energy poverty and air pollution.

The key results of the project are available to read in a discussion paper and field report.

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