Adaptation Action Plan

Brochures on the Adaptation Action Plan
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The third Adaptation Action Plan (APA III) was published in 2020 together with the second Progress Report on the German Adaptation Strategy. It contains more than 180 measures from all federal departments with which the federal government wants to make Germany climate-proof.

Measures of the Adaptation Action Plan III

The second Progress Report on DAS takes stock of the past five years of climate adaptation and sets priorities for future work. The Adaptation Action Plan III contained in the report describes the concrete measures that the federal government will implement in the years 2020 to 2024 to adapt to climate change. The 180 measures include both current and new measures to reduce climate risks in all fields of action.

The following pages are excerpts from the APA and describe the most important measures planned for the period 2020 to 2024. The status of the implementation of the measures corresponds to the date of publication of the APA.

Natural river course

Cluster Water

Measures for the fields of water management, water management, coastal and marine protection and fisheries read more


Cluster Land

Measures for the fields of action soil, agriculture, forestry and biological diversity read more

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