Cluster Economy

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The APA III describes 6 measures that are to be implemented in the business cluster by 2024.
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Measures for the fields of action industry and commerce, tourism and finance

To ensure the safety of technical and industrial facilities during extreme events, APA III provides for review by the Commission on Process Safety (KAS) of the Technical Rules on Plant Safety 310 (Pre-
cipitation and floods) and 320 (Wind, snow and ice loads), including requirements for updates to reflect recent findings on climate change.

Climate change also impacts on Germany’s tourism sector. APA III therefore includes the provision of guidelines on how to implement adaptation actions, e.g. for the elaboration of emergency preparedness plans for responding to various kinds of extreme weather events. Sudden weather events in particular can cause hazardous situations affecting the tourism sector and tourists. For instance, in the winter of 2018/19 heavy snowfall trapped holidaymakers in their destinations and accommodations. Local crisis plans should therefore take account of these target groups.


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