Germany’s HELCOM Chairmanship 2020 – 2022

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On 1 July 2020, Germany took over the chairmanship of the Helsinki Commission for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the Baltic Sea for two years. Selected pressures, the protection of species / habitats and climate change are among Germany's priority topics. The focus is on the revision of the Baltic Sea Action Plan, which will be adopted by a ministerial conference in October 2021. read more

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Curbing overdevelopment

Average per capita land use in Germany for residential purposes alone amounted to 47 square meters in 2011 – a figure that is likely to rise. At the same time, new construction on greenfield land is on the rise, while increasing numbers of apartment buildings, other structures, and lots stand empty. In our view, this overdevelopment should be curbed, and land should be used sparingly. read more

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Organic farming

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Organic products taste good, and make a positive contribution to human health and environmental protection. Organic farming is a highly resource-conserving and environmentally-friendly activity that is oriented towards the principle of sustainability. It also aims to keep animals in a manner conducive to their welfare. read more

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